Spotlight: Omnitron

Omni01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who it is: A self-aware robotics factory like Mega-Mold of the X-Men’s Sentinel fame.
Initial Side: Self-Aware Robotics Factory
Innate Power (Initial Side): At the end of the villain turn, shuffle the villain trash and draw from the top until a drone or component is revealed. Put it into play.
Advanced Power (Initial Side): Increase all damage dealt by devices by 1.
Villain Cards that Begin Game in Play: None

How it flips to its other side: Once at the start of every villain turn
Nemesis: Omnitron-X

Omni02Second Side: Rampaging Robot
Innate Power (Second Side): At the end of the villain turn, play the top card of the villain deck.
Advanced Power (Second Side): Reduce all damage dealt to devices by 1.

Omni04Most Fiendish Ongoing Card: Adaptive Plating Subroutine: After Omnitron is dealt damage, Omnitron becomes immune to that type of damage. Whenever Omnitron is dealt a different type of damage, Omnitron’s damage immunity switches to that type.
Most Fiendish One-Shot Card: Sedative Flechettes: Omnitron deals each hero target 5 projectile damage. Destroy all hero ongoing cards.
Most Fiendish Villain Target Card: Electro-Pulse Explosive (HP 15): At the start of the villain turn, this card deals each hero target X lightning damage, where X = the current HP of this card.

Omni03How to Defeat Omnitron: (Sung to the tune of Monty Python’s “Spam.”) Drones, drones, drones, drones. Omnitron doesn’t win if it gets a lot of drones in play, but heroes can’t win if there are any devices (including drones) in play.

Omnitron doesn’t have a lot shielding, and what little shielding it has is easily dealt with. In fact, Omnitron may be the most straightforward villain from the base game. While you can’t let the drones build up on you (and the “Electro-Pulse Explosive” stinks if you don’t take down its HP immediately), most of the other cards in Omnitron’s villain deck can be dealt with by dealing Omnitron damage. And that’s what you want to do.

Omnitron has the most HP of all the Sentinels of the Multiverse base game villains, but unlike the other villains, you don’t have to worry about another win condition. To make matters worse, its villain cards don’t take off much heat from Omnitron. Load up on damage buffs and have fun laying down the smack.