Top 5 TV: November 2014


The Flash

Why It’s Number 1:
The Flash isn’t perfect but let’s be honest: there aren’t many shows that are perfect. The Flash does deliver entertainment on a weekly basis, key roles exhibit strong acting, and the show’s headed in an exciting direction. Despite some clunky dialogue, The Flash has a solid foundation with its writing. And Central City feels a lot different than Arrow’s Starling City. We’re not sure The Flash will stay on top, but we won’t be surprised if stays in the Top 5 for most of the year.


Bob’s Burgers

Why It’s Number 2:
Bob’s Burgers should be number 1, but its infrequent schedule keeps it from our top spot. Despite lengthy breaks between episodes, we feel right at home with the characters as soon as they hit the screen. That’s why Bob’s Burgers leapfrogs over some other good shows to claim the second spot on our list.


The Awesomes

Why It’s Number 3:
The Awesomes wrapped up their second season a while ago (available on Hulu Plus); otherwise it’d be higher on our list. The show also lost its way during the season, but once we got to a blitz of character introductions, we received some great character development. There were only ten episodes in the season, and when the last three episodes knock off your socks, the show has to be on a top five list somewhere. Another show should take The Awesomes’ place next month, but it’s our number three pick this month.



Why It’s Number 4:
We almost wanted to put Arrow at four this month, but it edges out Constantine by a small margin. Arrow puts far too much emphasis on Laurel becoming the new Black Canary that it’s difficult to place it any higher than fourth. And probably shouldn’t be fourth. Still, Arrow has some great action sequences, and the Felicity heavy episode gave some much needed fan-service.



Why It’s Number 5:
We don’t know if it’s a sign of the end times that Constantine makes our list, but there aren’t a lot of great geekly TV shows out there at the moment, so it rounds out our Top 5. We knew Constantine couldn’t follow the source material too closely as it’s a major network show. It does an okay job giving viewers a Hellblazer-light flavor. And Matt Ryan does a good job as the titular character despite some spotty dialogue and character development.