Spotlight: Chrono-Ranger

ChronoRangerPortraitFirst Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines
Who he is: The time-traveling gunslinger of the Multiverse
Innate Power: Quick Shot: Chrono-Ranger deals 1 target 1 projectile damage.
Primary Damage Type: Projectile
Secondary Damage Type: Melee, Fire, Toxic
Nemesis: Plague Rat & Doc Tusser
Deck Concept: This deck is all about dealing damage. You need to get Chrono-Ranger’s Jim’s Hat as soon as possible (Displaced Armory is a good way to do this), so you can play multiple cards per turn. More cards per turn = more damage. Also try and get as many bounty cards as you can in play, and there are plenty of cards in Chrono-Ranger’s deck that can do this: Bounty Board, Ranger’s Mark, and Sudden Contract. These bounties will grant Chrono-Ranger and his teammates bonuses and will pump up some of Chrono’s attacks: Hunter and Hunted, Temporal Grenade, and The Masadah.


Keep in mind that these bounties get discarded as soon as the target you place the bounties on are discarded. Chrono’s two best attacks The Masadah and Compounded Bow work differently. The Masadah deals large amounts of irreducible damage, according to the number of bounties in play, while the Compounded Bow doesn’t deal as much damage but doesn’t need the same build up as The Masadah. This leads to the Compounded Bow as the better anytime bet, and it gets around those pesky “ignore the first occurrence of damage” abilities villains (like Spite) tend to have.

The Masadah and Compounded Bow

Deck Strength: Chrono-Ranger deals damage. Lots and lots of damage. He can even play an extra card if he has Jim’s Hat in play.
Best Team Support Card: By Any Means: Play this card next to a non-hero target. Increase damage dealt to that target by 1. When that target leaves play, destroy this card.
Best Personal Support Card: Jim’s Hat: You may play an additional card during your play phase. At the start of your turn, you may destroy a bounty card.
Best Anytime Attack: Compounded Bow: Chrono-Ranger deals 1 target 1 projectile damage and 1 damage of a type of your choice.
Best Situational Attack: The Masadah: Chrono-Ranger deals 1 target x irreducible energy damage, where x = the number of bounty cards in play.

Jim’s Hat and By Any Means

Deck Weakness: Outside of damage, Chrono-Ranger has little else in his deck. He can’t deal with environment and ongoing cards, so don’t ask him. He depends on others for card draw and defense. Chrono-Ranger needs to be paired with someone that can shield or heal him.
Worst Card: Just Doin’ My Job: Each player may discard 1 card. Draw X cards, where x = the number of cards discarded this way. Chrono-Ranger may deal 1 target 1 projectile damage.

Chrono-Ranger and Temporal Grenade
Ultimate Team-up: Chrono-Ranger has boss detail. He’s the one who wails on the main villain, while his teammates help him out any way they can. Legacy can boost Chrono’s damage, and any hero who can redirect or prevent damage (The Visionary and The Scholar to name a couple) or a hero that can heal (Argent Adept) are good choices, too.

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