iZombie Review – “Patriot Brains”


Kyle’s Review

iZombie killed off a character in this week’s “Patriot Brains.” I won’t say who dies but the death makes for a compelling scene and sets a few things straight, sending iZombie into the home stretch with a good stride.

Per the better episodes of iZombie, we didn’t get much of Liv’s narrative voice, the week’s victim has an interesting backstory, and the abilities and neuroses Liv gained from the victim played well with both the mystery’s solution and the ongoing story lines. A lot came into focus and the slow boil of the zombie underground could make a good season finale.

I also liked that Liv’s love life will take a backseat. Perhaps we’ll see a slower build toward future zombie lovin’. If you’ve followed my iZombie reviews up to this point, you’ll know that I need a little time to wrap my brain around a zombie love story. I can get there but iZombie will have to work for it and “Patriot Brains” put in a lot of work this week.

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