iZombie Review – “Liv and Let Clive”


Kyle’s Review

iZombie continued with its slow build. Liv gained another fitting ability from a brain she ingested, and the anxiety she got as a result of the gray matter felt earned (as in it fit with the kind of character whose brain she ate) and the episode shined a light on Detective Babineaux’s past. There might be a lot to work with there, but the two things “Liv and Let Clive” did best was show how Liv still has feeling—maybe—for her ex-fiancée and how bad-boy-zombie Blaine—say that three times fast—plans to corner the market on brains.

While I dig Blaine’s flair for zombie capitalism, I don’t agree with his clientele’s willingness to go along with his enterprise. 1) Blaine turns billionaires into zombies. 2) He milks them for money and favors. This poses way too many questions. How does he get close to these well-to-dos; he’s just a street rat? Most of these businessmen and women got to where they were—prior zombie—because they’re ruthless and now, they kowtow to a nobody? I guess one of Blaine’s customers found him attractive before she became a zombie, but she was too eager to rat on Blaine’s competition for my taste. Blaine only mentioned his other clients but iZombie better have a good reason for these other bigwigs to swear fealty.

I did like that Liv got her doctor friend and her ex-fiancée to move in together. Her anxiety-addled brain helped but this development allows Liv to reconcile with her ex over time, if that’s the path iZombie. If that isn’t the goal, this new living arrangement could lead to friendship and wacky character interaction.


iZombie took a step forward but we’ll have to see how it plans to proceed in the coming weeks, and they need to shore up Blaine’s business model.

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