Powers Review – “You are Not It”


Kyle’s Review

Powers muddled through another down, in terms of action, episodes. While I thought that was okay for last week, I’m not so sure about this week’s “You are Not It.” Calista may be dead—she’s at least not in a good way. Johnny Royalle was wasted. He merely popped in and out, but of course, that was what everyone says he did when he fought crime, so I guess that tracks. But we’re treated to more awkward screen moments with Walker and Pilgrim.

The action of the third, fourth and fifth episodes masked these two, but these last two weeks made them stick out like a couple of elephants pretending to be poodles. Not even a healthy dose of Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl and her great scenes with Logan Browning’s Zora helped to assuage the pangs of Walker and Pilgrim. And it doesn’t help that the story arc got stuck in will Pilgrim get his powers back or won’t he. I’m not invested in the character enough to care.

Throw in some decent moments with a suicidal Wolfe and one of Simons clones dying and you get some watchable television. I’m not sold that Simons’ clone dying was part of Royalle’s plan to see Wolfe. It felt more like an honest goof and Royalle took advantage of his cronies’ mistake.

Powers also had some mistakes in special effects. These aren’t the same effects we’ve seen in shows like The Flash and Arrow. They look amateurish, but Powers did show some signs of life. I liked how some normal humans fought back against the powers. Krispin has inspired a vocal group to lash out against people with powers. This story thread could have legs and could drive the series to its season finale.


Powers had an uneven episode this week but hopefully, the civic unrest introduced in “You are Not It” will spark something interesting.

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