Grimm Review – “Hibernaculum”


Kyle’s Review

Grimm had a few major developments in this week’s “Hibernaculum.” Monroe experienced flashbacks from his time as a captive. Team Grimm has gotten lazy this year when the week’s mystery doesn’t involve Octopus Face (in the beginning) or the Wesen purists. There have been some nice spots, but most Wesen have fallen flat. This week’s mystery was a rare okay one, while the ongoing story arcs delivered more punch.

I still don’t buy Juliette’s transportation but this week’s use of flashbacks set some foundation for this arc. I had forgotten Nick’s aunt—on his Grimm side of the family—warned him of his and Juliette’s doomed relationship. The two have stuck together for three and a half years after Nick turned Grimm, so I don’t think this was the plan. Still, it works here. Renard and Juliette getting together had an ick factor and I remembered that the two of them had a thing, but that was a spell, not natural attraction. I hope that there’s more to this and I definitely hope that we’ll see more of Monroe’s struggles.

Grimm has presented enough arcs that could have long-reaching ramifications and should propel them to the season finale. I never thought Nick and Juliette belonged together, so I hope this break-up sticks, the Monroe story has legs, and then we have Adalind’s babies. We’ll have to see how things shake out.


The weekly Wesen added little but the ongoing story arcs did.

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