iZombie Review: “Grumpy Old Liv”


Kyle’s Review

Another comic book TV show and we get yet another summer months catch up with the premiere. iZombie second season jumped a few months from the events of its first season’s finale but I guess it was necessary. When we last saw Liv, she refused to give her kid brother a blood transfusion (for fear of giving him the Zombie disease), Blaine and Major were cured of their zombieism, and Liv was all out of antidote.

Since all of these threads were fairly well interwoven, iZombie didn’t take nearly as long as some of the other Fall TV premieres to get the ball rolling. Besides, all iZombie needs is a fresh murder mystery and set of brains to work their way through Liv’s system. This week’s mystery may not have tied into all the aforementioned threads but iZombie juggled these threads very well and the brains that Liv ate gave her a delightful grumpy old woman disposition: she is the oldest zombie in town after all.

I won’t spoil this week’s mystery solution here, but it had nothing to do with iZombie’s typical supernatural themes, yet it was satisfying and welcome. This season of iZombie—or at least the first episode of this season—is focused on the human element and the episode ends with a fantastic twist. Again, I won’t spoil the big reveal but let’s say that roles change, Liv’s life is turned upside down—even more so than last season when she became a zombie—and this season’s big bad is leaps and bounds above last season’s.


iZombie was one of those guilty pleasures I had from a year ago. The premise sounded dumb but it surprised me with its fusion of police procedural, dark comedy, and zombie motif, so I kept watching it. iZombie’s second season may reward viewers further for their patience. It’s too early to tell, but iZombie might challenge for the CW’s best comic book based TV show this year.

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