Arrow Secrets: “Green Arrow”



Cooking to Impress

Felicity wasn’t reading the Joy of Cooking while she “failed her omelets,” she’s reading Cooking to Impress, which just happens to be written by Tara Butters, the executive producer for Marvel’s Agent Carter and the wife of Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim.


Ivy Town

Ivy Town is the place Felicity and Ollie decided to semi-retire. That’s an interesting choice, considering that Ivy Town is where you can find Ray Palmer, The Atom, in the comics.


Coast City

Coast City has been mentioned numerous times in both The Flash and Arrow but this was the first time Ollie has physically been in Coast City during an episode: Barry ran to Coast City for some grub once. Coast City is significant because it’s the home of Ferris Aircraft, Green Lantern, and more.


Star City

Like every other comic book TV show this Fall Arrow pretended as if events transpired during the summer months in real time. We, the viewers, just weren’t privy to these events until now and the show is playing catch up. Starling City’s transition to Star City (to honor Ray Palmer’s memory) is one such event. You’ve gotta love the new welcoming sign.



This is another familiar Easter Egg: Cisco, the Flash’s sidekick of sorts, spent some time in Star(ling?) City. He even had some time to concoct a jazzy new costume for Ollie, while Barry was having his alone time.


Damien Darhk

What was Damien doing in this episode? He had to be conducting some kind of black magic ceremony and that was the indication we got—that we’d have a magical being as the big bad villain this season in Arrow—before the season began. But it’s interesting to note that in the comics, Darhk sapped Adeline Kane Wilson (wife of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke) of her life force in order to gain his immortality. Arrow doesn’t follow the comics completely but this can’t be a coincidence. Could this mean that Deathstroke will make another appearance?


Hal Jordan

During the flashback, did you notice that pilot with the Jordan name patch on his flight jacket? That may have been Hal Jordan, the silver age Green Lantern. I don’t think Arrow will ever have Green Lantern as a legitimate guest star but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream.

Hal and Ollie’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow was the landmark comic that signified the transition from comic’s silver to bronze age. It also happens to be one of Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams’ greatest works.


Kord Industries

According to Rumint (Rumor Intelligence), Ted Kord will be featured in an upcoming DC movie, so we most likely won’t see Kord in Arrow in the near future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see plenty of his products showcased in DC’s TV universe. His company’s symbol should look familiar. It was all over the boxed during “Green Arrow’s” opening action sequence.


Red Arrow

The Red Arrow did exist in the DCU. When the original Speedy, Roy Harper, grew up, he took on the mantel of the Red Arrow and yes, a red arrow also means that you can’t make a left turn at a traffic light.



H.I.V.E. rears its ugly head again. Arrow has been building up to this secret organization of villains for a while. I’m sure the organization will differ greatly from its DC Comics counterpart but there is a beehive pattern in Damien Darhk’s HQ and the original H.I.V.E. was a group to rival the League of Assassins. That doesn’t appear to be any different here.

Green Arrow

Finally, Ollie is known by his comic book alter ego: Green Arrow.



Ollie name dropped Zoom during the flash forward. It looks like Green Arrow knows of Earth-Two in six months. Now we’ll have to see whose grave Ollie was visiting.

If you missed our review of Arrow’s season 4 premiere “Green Arrow,” here’s a link.

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