Grimm Review: “The Believer”


Kyle’s Thoughts

I liked the direction Grimm took with “The Believer” and it’s weekly wesen. Too often we see a crime perpetrated by a wesen and Nick has to figure out which wesen he encounters this week was responsible. In this episode a wesen’s bodyguard is killed and a normal human’s to blame.

I always wondered if there was a wesen who could or would feign miracles by transforming into their beastly state and this episode answered that question. Yes. A demonic-looking wesen pretends to do God’s work by absorbing his audience’s sins. He does so for selfish reasons, but the events he puts on help people. That begs the question, is what he’s doing wrong? Thankfully, Grimm doesn’t answer that question, it leaves the answer to the viewer, but the weekly wesen is a victim instead of the guilty party, so that’s a nice change.

The ongoing story arcs didn’t fare as well as the weekly wesen. They went in bizarre directions. I had forgotten there was a stick that could heal all wounds. The gang had the cloth that held the healing stick examined for hidden writing and the hidden text read, Danger. That’s nice and vague. I guess I’d be more invested in the story line if it hadn’t been dropped for a month and reintroduced. Now, I may have missed a line of dialogue or something, but it would’ve been nice if Grimm had said that Nick sent the cloth in for tests or if the gang had picked up the stick in the last month. We needed something to remind us that the healing stick exists.

Eve as Renard worked until she/he ran into Renard’s new lover. How many times will Grimm use the so-and-so slept with so-and-so because they cast a particular spell to look like someone else? And this week’s episode was made doubly pandering because it was Eve, a female transformed into a male, sleeping with another female. I liked the scenes with Eve as Renard leading up to the gratuitous sex scene. Grimm managed to sell me on Eve as a separate character from Juliette for the first time and that got dashed as Eve-Renard made it to the bedroom. Groan.

The third and final ongoing arc presented this week has been handled the best. I said it before that I buy Adalind’s desire to reunite with her firstborn child Diana, but I’m miffed by Grimm dropping the storyline in the first place. She approaches Nick for news about her other child and that tracks given how this season has unfolded. Everything’s running smoothly as far as the Adalind-Nick-Diana story’s concerned, except that I’m not quite sold on Adalind’s mistrust of Nick. Sure, she’s worried she’ll revert back to her hexenbeist self, but her reluctance to tell Nick is forced.

“The Believer” was a very good episode. If it wasn’t for the awkward Eve-Renard bedroom scene, it might’ve been a great episode. Even so, I’ve enjoyed this season of Grimm more than the last.

Thanks for reading.

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