Bob’s Burgers: “Wag the Hog”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Wag the Hog” was a solid episode. In terms of last week’s Bob’s Burgers, it was better than “House of 1000 Bounces” and not as good as “Stand by Gene.” But this episode did something the other one haven’t done in a long time: split up the parents.

Granted, it didn’t split up the kids. Bob joined the kids with trying to sell Critter’s bike, while Linda was on her own with babysitting Critter’s critter, Side Car. As you can imagine there wasn’t as much of a dynamic change in cast coupling as I would have liked but it worked well enough. The events didn’t scrape too deep beneath the surface like “Stand by Gene,” although it did reintroduce Critter, the leader of the biker gang Bob and Linda have served the last couple of seasons. Critter’s okay. I like him well enough but the episode’s highlight was Tom Lennon and Joe Lo Truglio playing two yuppies who are wannabe bikers.

Linda out on her own means that there was a lot of Linda, but her annoying presence was undercut with Side Car. When Side Car misses his nap, he turns full on biker toddler and watching Linda try to explain why the child she’s caring for is throwing toys at other toddlers’ heads was chuckle-inducing.

This week’s episode may not have been another slam dunk, but “Wag the Hog” was a solid episode.

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