iZombie Review: “Dead Beat”


Kyle’s Thoughts

iZombie continues to set off fireworks every week or two and those explosions ripple through the ongoing arcs. “Dead Beat” had little to no weekly mystery. It focused on complicating iZombie’s world and that’s wonderful.

The first part of this week’s double-header did a great job of maintaining the slow boil that was Major’s future. He had already reverted back to zombie state, was imprisoned as the Chaos Killer this week, and something had to give. Would he find a way to get the brains he needed on the inside? Would Liv break him out of prison? Would Liv have to give him the zombie cure and wipe his memory like Blaine’s? Or would Major turn feral and start the zombie apocalypse? Even with knowing that iZombie wouldn’t opt for the final option, the threat was real and that was welcome.

Liv tried to sneak brains into Major’s hands multiple times but every attempt failed. She struggled with giving him the cure. iZombie had taken a gentle hand to romance—unlike most other CW shows—and you could see Liv struggle with this option because Major was a close friend and represented her life before becoming a zombie. So Liv treated the cure as a last resort and that forced her to choose breaking Major out of prison.

While all of that was happening, iZombie did a great job of building up how circumstantial the state’s case against Major was. Even though it was unlikely they’d get a conviction, the police did have enough evidence to keep Major in jail, and the only one who could get Major out in time—before he started the aforementioned zombie apocalypse—was Detective Babineux. He’d have to admit how circumstantial the case was and Liv used this knowledge to her advantage, coming clean about being a zombie.

It was a long time coming, but Detective Babineux knows the truth. His ignorance didn’t bother me as much as a loved one not knowing about someone’s otherworldliness (superpowers or supernatural abilities) but it was time. And iZombie had a great moment with Babineux learning the truth.

Babineaux dropped the charges against Major and this led to some issues with his personal life. The woman he has been sweet on (Dale Bozzio) dumped him as a partner and curse his name on the way out the door. iZombie has done a good job of sprinkling these two’s deep like for one another. I’m not sure if they’ve slept together, an oddity for a CW show, but they enjoyed each other’s company and Bozzio lightened up Babineaux as a character. It’ll be interesting to see how these characters change.

And that’s what I like the most about this season of iZombie: change. The characters are allowed to grow and change organically. “Dead Beat” dropped some bombshells and I can’t wait to see what the show has in store next.

Thanks for reading.

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