Grimm Review: “Clear and Wesen Danger”


Kyle’s Review

Grimm is in an odd but intriguing place. I find Adalind and Nick playing house bizarre and yet more believable than when Ollie and Felicity played house at the beginning of Arrow. Adalind and Nick don’t care for each other as lovers or even friends; I think that may change but for now the two are together out of necessity. They have a kid together and want to do right by the child, so they put on brave faces for their child. But Nick and Adalind’s living arrangement isn’t the only weird thing: Nick is all but suspended from his job as a cop.

The outside world thinks Nick is nuts, but not his close group of friends. I’m glad Grimm went in this direction—I’d cry foul if he didn’t gain the support of his crew—but since the outside world doesn’t believe Nick, he can’t work as a cop in the traditional sense. Further still, he doesn’t play the role of the traditional maverick cop, which I think is a nice touch. Nick is working cases behind the scenes because of the suspicion hanging over him. I guess that is a maverick cop but he’s not reckless and several of his cop friends are in his corner. “Clear and Wesen Danger” isn’t just a punny title; it works with the state of Nick’s job. Ordinarily, this case would be open and shut in five minutes or less but since Nick has to color outside the lines, it took the full hour. I would take Grimm to task if a case was this easy under normal circumstances but this easy case shines a light on how much Nick’s world has shifted.

There wasn’t much else going on in “Clear and Wesen Danger.” Grimm pressed pause on Renard’s Jack the Ripper arc; I’d be fine if they dumped it because that story played out last season. But Nick’s current situation is holding my interest more than the season Nick didn’t have his Grimm powers. There was no chance Nick would stay Grimmless but there is an outside chance—it may be the same chance I’d have of catching a snowflake with a pair of chopsticks, but there’s a chance—Nick’s hiatus as a cop has some lasting repercussions and that has me intrigued.

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