Bob’s Burgers Review: “Gayle Making Bob Sled”


Kyle’s Review

“Gayle Making Bob Sled” is a direct title for this week’s Bob’s Burgers but that might be one of this week’s few positives. This might be just me but Bob’s Burgers was difficult to watch this week: the kids and Linda ruin Thanksgiving dinner and Gayle was insufferable.

Gayle is like nutmeg. Spicing up a show with a little of her is okay but too much can kill you. Her name’s in the title so we got a lot of her. She keeps Bob away from his duties as Thanksgiving cook by pretending to be hurt and forcing Bob to do everything for her. You can empathize with her to a point as her beau dumped her just before the holidays, but then you find out that he didn’t, Gayle misunderstood one of their conversations and you want to throttle her. That’s bad enough but a solid second story can salvage an episode: Linda and the kids’ story didn’t.

Again, this might just be me but I’m the one who cooks in my house and I cook elaborate holiday meals, so that might explain why it hurt—physically hurt—when I saw Gene and Louise add Gummy worms to green bean casserole. Linda and Tina weren’t much better with the turkey. After noticing the turkey was cooking unevenly, Linda puts on oven mitts to rotate it, but she doesn’t grab the pan the turkey is in—that’d be too easy. She grabbed the turkey itself, mutilating the bird in the process. Everything would’ve been alright if she didn’t try to sew the turkey back together. Okay, that was kinda funny but we didn’t get that much funny in “Gayle Making Bob Sled.” We got tortured with a self-absorbed Gayle causing Bob to miss most of the holiday.

I had to check Bob’s Burgers schedule to see if this was the final show before Thanksgiving. It’s not and that’s a good thing. I may need something to wash the bad taste out of my mouth.

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