Arrow Secrets: “Haunted”

John Badham

Okay, this one’s not an onscreen Easter egg; it’s a behind the camera one. John Badham directed the fifth episode of NBC’s Constantine. “Danse Vadou” featured Papa Midnite and Jim Corrigan, the cop who would become The Spectre. We may have seen films directed by Badham: War Games, Short Circuit, and Saturday Night Fever. That’s a good lineup of flicks.


John Constantine

Matt Ryan reprises his role as John Constantine. Ryan played the petty dabbler of the dark arts last year on NBC’s Constantine and there are rumors Constantine could find a home on the CW. We’ll have to see about that. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if those rumors were true.


“I’m Getting New Ones Made”

This John Constantine line is an inside joke for fans. John said something similar a year ago on NBC’s Constantine but the cards he used then are the same ones from five years ago. You really do need to get new ones made, John.


Peacock Feather

John Constantine scratches his back—and perhaps something a little south of just his back—with a peacock feather in “Haunted.” This is definitely a joke at NBC’s expense.



When John said he returned a soul once, he wasn’t lying. He restored the soul of his partner Chas’s daughter during the Constantine episode “Quid Pro Quo.”


Baron Reiter

Reiter has made an appearance a few times this season, but John Constantine added the “Baron” to his name. In the comics, Reiter was also Baron Blitzkrieg but Arrow’s character divorces Reiter from Blitzkrieg, giving us a much different interpretation of the character.


Everything’s Terrific

Arrow’s showrunners insist they won’t rush into Curtis Holt turning into Mr. Terrific but they’re giving us plenty of Easter eggs to suggest otherwise. Holt wore a jacket with “Fair Play” stitched on the sleeve, which is an iconic phrase for his alter ego, Mr. Terrific. The original Mr. Terrific had the phrase blazen across the chest of his shirt, while the modern day hero has “Fair Play” on his sleeve’s jacket.


A White Jacket

Remember when Sara gave Laurel her black jacket—or rather Laurel took Sara’s jacket? Well, we may have a reversal of this act. Laurel could hand Sara the white jacket she wore in this week’s episode before Sara jumps in the Waverider (time machine/space ship belonging to Rip Hunter). We also received several other elements that suggest Sara’s new moniker of White Canary. Sara wore a white outfit in the pit too.



The surname Kane popped up on the computer screen Diggle and Lance hacked into this week, and Kane’s a prominent name. Katherine Kane is Batwoman, but I don’t think this is a nod to her as Arrow has to forget all flying rodents. But there is another Kane: Adeline Kane. Adeline was the wife of Wilson Slade, Deathstroke, so she’s a much more likely candidate for an Arrow reference. The picture above shows Adeline in action.



I might be calling him out, but Jim didn’t care too much for Justice League United (it wasn’t the best of the JL series) but Green Arrow was a member of the team during the series’ entire run and it’s funny that Ollie’s campaign posters bear the word United. Coincidence?


The Orb of Horus

Yeah, that mystical object John Constantine snagged this week has more to it than meets the eye. The Eye of Horus was a protective sigil to protect a woman in the Constantine pilot—the spell John cast on Ollie could be the same spell—and Horus is the god who grants Hawkman and Hawkwoman’s powers.


John’s Safe Place

John refers to the mill house when he mentions his safe place. He keeps all his magical trinkets in his base of operations during Constantine’s short run.

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