Comics Update

Now that I’m more-or-less caught up on comics, I’ll try to go into a little more detail about some of the specific books I’m reading. That may get tricky with DC’s more aggressive publishing schedule, but we’ll cross bridges as we trip over them.

I’ve been down on Marvel’s books lately. I’m not sorry for it. I stand by my criticism, but I’d like to point out the good things where I see them. Two bright spots in my Marvel reading have been Daredevil and Amazing Spider-man. Amazing Spider-man #18 saw a little more development on Doc Ock’s efforts to return to human form. It’s been teased from issue to issue, and now it looks like they’re getting ready to make it happen. For an issue that featured so little actual Spider-man, this one really worked for me. It was light on action, but the focus was tight, and it set up the next bend in the story arc well.

Superman #7 was one of the better issues of Superman I’ve read in some time. As with a lot of his stories since Rebirth, the story dealt mostly with the new/old Clark finding his place in this new version of the world. The setting was small, and again, it went light on action, but this issue was heavy with character, and that character was extremely recognizable as the Clark and Lois that fans know and love. Clark is burdened, but he never broods. He’s the optimist he’s always been, and it’s done without making the story cheesy. This is exactly how reading a Superman comic should be.

Batman #7 set up the Monster Men event that’s been teased since Gotham and Gotham Girl first cropped up. The focus on the Bat Family, and reference to Tim Drake’s stand against The Colony made this feel a bit like Detective Comics, so some of that distinct feel that has existed between the two books is blurred, but it’s not a bad story, and there’s no reason there can’t be overlap. Like everyone else reading comics these days, I’m tired of “Event” story arcs, but this one shows a little potential.

Trinity seems to be DC’s effort to cover Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in one book. Normally, I stay away from titles where the artist does the writing as well. I hate to generalize, but I usually find a considerable lack in the art, the writing, or both. I like Francis Manapul, though, and I gave this one a shot. It was entertaining enough, though it didn’t do a lot to set up a future story for the title. Until the book’s last couple pages, it really just catches readers up on the status of each character, so if you’re reading Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman individually, as I am, there isn’t a lot here for you.

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