Bob’s Burgers: “Flu-ouise”


Kyle’s Thoughts

I missed the season premiere of Bob’s Burgers. I’ve got to accustomed to having cable again; I’m trying to get caught up. Sorry for the late write-up.

Anyway, “Flu-ouise” gave us another very good musical episode of Bob’s Burgers. This show has a knack for switching to the musical format and keeping the focus on its characters. Fox cartoons have a history of doing this with Simpsons and Family Guy. Family Guy has done the best job of the musical episode form, but Bob’s Burgers—with Linda and Gene who naturally lend themselves to sung dialogue—gives the Seth MacFarlane cartoon a run for its money.

The musical form may be used as a gimmick in Bob’s Burgers, not unlike Family Guy, but the focus of the episode is rooted in its characters. In “Flu-ouise,” the titular Louise suffers from a nasty flu. When her family tries to tend to her needs and wants, they accidentally drop her favorite toy Kuchi Kopi in the toilet. As the family races to fix—or buy her a new—Kuchi Kopi (glow worm-like cuddle buddy), Louise goes on a fever dream journey, and cue the musical. Stuffed animal versions of the Belchers sing their way to Louise forgiving them, and when “Flu-ouise” ends, Louise learns that she has to let the small stuff go.

We’ve seen Bob’s Burgers use this narrative structure before, but it works. “Flu-ouise” offers a strong start to Bob’s Burgers seventh season. Its sixth season showed a few cracks but finished strong. I’m hopeful for another great year. Thanks for reading.

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