Bob’s Burgers: “Sea Me Now”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Sea Me Now” was very punny. I lost count of how many puns the cast of Bob’s Burgers dropped but they were plentiful and laugh worthy. Beyond that, the play on words left me in stitches.

I don’t want to spoil too much about “Sea Me Now” but I’d like to share sample dialogue from this episode.

Tina (watching the floor of Teddy’s boat): Teddy, when’s a good time to tell you the boat’s filling up with water.
Teddy: Oh, that’s not ideal.
Tina: It’s not an ideal time. Okay. I’ll wait to tell you later.

Even the episode’s title “Sea Me Now” is a play on words and a hint at the show’s central conflict: Teddy dealing with his divorce. We’ve heard Teddy talk about his ex-wife for the past six years, but he’s never dealt with the loss, until this week. Teddy gets on my nerves but he’s an earnest character, and “Sea Me Now” is an earnest Bob’s Burgers episode, something in which the show excels.

We see Teddy descend to the precipice of madness, trying to impress his ex with the boat he’s been working on since the divorce, and it takes seeing someone else who went down a similar path to open Teddy’s eyes to what he’s doing. Bob’s Burgers also does a great job of building its characters and showing character growth in episodes. “Sea Me Now” does this for Teddy—a character we haven’t seen get this treatment yet—and if prior seasons are any indication, these changes will hold water and we’ll see the character progress in the coming episodes and years.

While I’m not the biggest Teddy fan, “Sea Me Now” exhibited many of the strengths that make Bob’s Burgers one of the better TV comedies today.

Thanks for reading.

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