Arrow Secrets: “The Candidate”


Curtis Holt is your Mister Terrific

Okay, in the comics Mr. Terrific is a middle-aged man named Michael (last name remains the same) but even though Arrow changed Mister Terrific’s age and his given name to Curtis, Holt has been given the green light to create something that could save Palmer Technologies and that something could easily be Mister Terrific’s trademark weapon/gear: The T-Spheres.

We also know that Echo Kellum, who plays Curtis Holt, was cast as Mister Terrific, so it’s only a matter of time before we see this brilliant another awesome—er, terrific—super hero grace the screen.


Anarky in Star City

Lonnie Machin is a Batman/Robin villain who rose to prominence in the eighties and nineties. Why does Arrow borrow so many Batman rogues? Machin calls himself Anarky—yes, that’s not a typo—and he wears a flamboyant red and gold costume. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Anarky. He got burned half to death, fought his way out of an ambulance and he could very well show up in Star City dressed in his signature cloak and mask.


Star City’s Mayoral Candidate

Jessica Danforth’s run for mayor didn’t last long but Jeri Ryan, the actress who played Danforth, had a much longer TV series run on Star Trek: Voyager. Arrow may have tipped their hat to Ryan’s more prominent Star Trek character, Seven of Nine.

We’ve seen plenty of press conferences on Arrow and each time only one microphone appeared on the podium. Danforth had a second mic that read, Seven6. If Danforth were to look down, the 6 would be a 9, and so her second news station would’ve been Seven of Nine.

Star City’s Next Mayor

Sure, Oliver Queen has run for mayor—and even served as mayor—in the comics, but during a recent interview, Marc Guggenheim, Arrow’s showrunner, insisted that Ollie would never serve as Star City’s mayor because he didn’t want to alienate viewers who might share different political views and the show would run the risk of getting boring.

I’m sure Ollie’s platform of saying no to terrorists and maniacs won’t rub too many people the wrong way and so long as Arrow doesn’t go the way of Star Wars’ senate, we shouldn’t be too bored with Ollie running for office.


Vertigo Comics

Dennis, that one vocal board member of Palmer Technologies, could be named after the longtime DC Comics/Vertigo editor Will Dennis. It’s probably a long shot but Arrow likes to namedrop writers and editors from DC’s past.


White Canary

We’ve known for some time that Sara Lance was returning for some time. Like Thea, Sara’s personality will shift as a result of Lazarus Pit exposure. Sara’s going to be a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a CW mid-season replacement show planned for early 2016, so Sara’s resurrection isn’t a huge surprise. Still, a partially decayed corpse found in Sara’s coffin was a nice touch.


Baron Reiter/Baron Blitzkrieg

I almost didn’t catch this one at first. In the comics Baron Reiter is a German, who served the Nazi party during World War II and had numerous battles with a predominantly patriotic themed superhero group called the All-Star Squadron. Reiter also changed his name to Blitzkrieg after the German military tactic. Baron Blitzkrieg has shown up in more recent DC events but he’s synonymous with the Nazis and World War II so it’s easy to not place his name in “The Candidate.”

From what we’ve heard Baron Reiter won’t turn into Baron Blitzkrieg on Arrow but it looks like Arrow’s setting up Reiter’s origin. Reiter was a vicious German army officer who was blinded and disfigured by a concentration camp prisoner throwing a bottle of acid in his face. It may not be a German concentration camp but Reiter has a somewhat similar set-up on the island.

Just in case you missed our review of Arrow’s “The Candidate,” here’s a link.

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