Bob’s Burgers Review: “Sacred Couch”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Sacred Couch” was a good, but out of place, episode. Sure, the Belchers have owned the same couch for five or six seasons, but their couch doesn’t hold the same significance as The Simpsons’ couch. Marry this incongruity with the fact that Bob struggled with his burger puns last week, which is something Bob’s Burgers is known for, and you get an episode that belongs on another show.

Besides the focus of this episode being a family couch, the rest of the episode went off without a hitch. You had one family member, Linda, who loved the couch and didn’t want to see it go, another who destroyed the couch, Louise, who then had a change of heart, and Bob worrying about money. Throw in a side story for the other two kids, Gene and Tina, and you get the recipe for a fun episode. But no amount of developing the Belchers’ couch into a legitimate member of the family could replace the fact that this story fits more with The Simpsons than Bob’s Burgers, and I was hoping for an episode that didn’t play on nostalgia, since we received a heavy dose of that last week with “Sexy Dance Healing.”

Still, “Sacred Couch” is a good episode. The show did a good enough job setting up the loss of the couch as a blow for the family. I’m just looking for something a little different next week.

Thanks for reading.

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