Grimm Review: “Key Moves”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Nick and Monroe visiting the Black Hills worked better than I thought, but I still question why Grimm more than doubled its number of secret Grimm keys in one week after not mentioning them in three years. The ending of “Key Moves” shed some light on that subject, citing that the story will continue in episode 100, but Grimm dropped the ball on this story arc and watching the flashbacks this season only shinned a light on how out of place this story is. Not all the flashbacks revolved around the keys. The ones with Nick and Adalind worked to illustrate how complicated their relationship is and why they would want to take it slow. I liked those flashbacks.

And I liked the Grimm keys story too, I just don’t know why Grimm took three years to get back to them. It had been so long that I had forgotten Renard wanted the keys for himself. I remembered as soon as Nick refused to tell his boss what he was looking for, and that was an aha moment for me, but I’m not certain anyone who hadn’t watched Grimm’s previous seasons recently would’ve gotten that reference without scouring their memory banks.

Speaking of Renard, I’m still not sure about his side story. It looks as if another faction of royals may have wanted him dead, but the assassin killed the wrong man. Now it looks as if Renard will take up the position of Portland’s mayor for some reason. Either way, Renard won’t be assuming the throne any time soon and that may have been the goal all along. Again, I’m not sure. In terms of that story arc Grimm has a firm grip on its blinders.

Grimm has also kept the window open on Adalind returning to her witchy ways. That doesn’t mean Nick will get back with Juliette. The show’s done a good job of severing that relationship. I just wouldn’t be surprised if Adalind became a hexenbiest.

I’m interested in the Black Hills conclusion. It’s a fun story but it’s a story that should’ve been explored a year or two ago and that got me to thinking of the Nick-Juliette-Adalind triangle. Grimm had to drop that web in order to get to something that was working for the series two seasons ago. Now that the series has gotten back to an interesting story, I hope they don’t rush its conclusion.

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