Blindspot Review: “Scientists Hollow Fortune”


Kyle’s Thoughts

After a strong stretch just before the mid-season break, Blindspot has been a mixed bag. I still don’t buy the Patterson story. Thankfully, the writers didn’t get technical with how military intelligence treats a security breach and focused on Patterson’s mental and emotional state, but with each reveal to the larger web of lies the show makes, Blindspot loses steam.

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Jane did this to herself and she was revealed to be Taylor. During “Scientists Hollow Fortune,” we discovered what Taylor-Jane’s motives are—at least on the surface—for wiping her own memory and that she died at some point. While some of these story threads are interesting, Blindspot did little to develop the characters outside of Jane and perhaps Patterson, and those cracks are showing their toll.

I keep waiting for Weller to become a more intriguing character but he’s flat. Zapata had a nice thing going with the NSA director but now he’s dead and she’s lost her mojo. Director Mayfair is up to something—I guess—but she’s more of an also in this episode character, even though she’s the director. Agent Reade is suddenly in a relationship with Weller’s sister, but I don’t know that I care too much with how that plays out; this has more to do with Weller’s lack of levels. Ultimately, Blindspot comes off as a plot heavy show with very little character.

I’ve given the show half a season, but if it doesn’t improve its supporting cast, I don’t know if I’ll continue watching to the season’s finale.

Thanks for reading.

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