Bob’s Burgers Review: “How I Met Your Mother”


Kyle’s Review

It took Bob’s Burgers long enough but they finally unveiled how Bob met Linda. The setup for “How I Met Your Mother” was a typical one for Bob’s Burgers. Bob and Linda reminisce about the day they met. Linda tells the kids that it was Bob’s manly stache that caught her eye – and the engagement ring Hugo gave her – and then the kids wonder what would’ve happened if Bob didn’t have his mustache.

We were treated to three alternate time lines and the kids’ stories matched their personalities: Gene had Bob getting a robostache (in a Robocop knock off), Louise turned Bob into a werewolf via a tip of the hat to the movie Big, and Tina kept trying to keep her parents together at every turn. While Gene and Louise tried to pry their parents apart in their stories, they ultimately had Bob and Linda ending up as a couple. Tina was the only one who succeeded in splitting up her parents and she hated every minute of it.



Despite the look into Bob and Linda’s past, we didn’t get too many revelations in “How I Met Your Mother,” but the show’s title begs the question, Why did it take 9 seasons to explain how someone’s parents met in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother? We found out how Bob and Linda met in 10 seconds.

“How I Met Your Mother” – the TV episode, not the series – was funny in parts: mostly with Gene’s Robostache story. We had some weird moments – thank you, Louise – and Tina, as usual, went for our heartstrings. In short, Bob’s Burgers had a solid season 6 premiere.


“How I Met Your Mother” was a strong start to Bob’s Burgers’ sixth season.

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