Bob’s Burgers: “Bob Actually”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Bob’s Burgers came back this week. The show took a long mid-season break but “Bob Actually” was a satisfying return. As the name implies this episode’s a riff on Love Actually and each Belcher is part of a love story. Yes. Even Louise.

Bob and Linda’s romance played out as expected. There was a strange twist to Bob wanting to learn how to dance for Linda. The only dance class available was Hip Hop. Seeing Bob in baggy sweatpants was fun, and Linda’s response proves that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to any gift.

Tina had her ubiquitous love episode with Jimmy Junior. Only this time Jimmy returns her affections. Jimmy does show her occasional fits of love, but how open he was with showing his affection was unexpected. I also liked how Bob’s Burgers fit in Tina’s obsession with butts. Usually she’s grabbing behinds but in this episode, she suffers from diarrhea. Her bowels almost keep her from the one she loves. Fortunately, love finds a way.

Gene fell for the replacement cafeteria lady and led to him falling in love with dark chocolate, too. There has to be a joke there about the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It worked and the attention Gene gave the cafeteria lady showed some genuine character growth. But Louise took the cake for character growth this week.

I didn’t think Louise was capable of loving anyone outside her family, and sometimes not even then, but she genuinely cared for Regular-Sized Rudy. True. Some of these romances felt a little forced, and Louise’s character arc played out like a lot of romantic comedies (wires getting crossed), but there was a kernel of truth with her development. Louise has cared for Rudy’s wellbeing in the past (the museum adventure and the chocolate train), she’s enough of an egomaniac to be swept up by a Rudy who doesn’t show her affection, and she likes to fight for underdogs and the downtrodden (Rudy’s being taken advantage of by another classmate in this episode). It clicked.

I don’t like going more than two months without a Bob’s Burgers episode but “Bob Actually” was worth the wait.

Thanks for reading.

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