Bob’s Burgers: “A Few ‘Gurt Men”


Season’s Thoughts

This week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers was interesting. I haven’t watched it in a while but “A Few ‘Gurt Men” was a nice comeback for the show.

I’ll start with the mock trial at the kids’ school. I like watching Louise protect Mr. Frond as his defense attorney after he was accused of stealing Mr. Ambrose’s yogurt. Her standing up for someone instead of using them is normally out of character for her. It was fun watching her crack down on the evidence and prove Mr. Frond’s innocence. This shows how much she’s grown over the past several seasons.

The subplot of Bob and Jimmy Pesto, Sr. hunting down a guy who got free meals out of them was odd. It was a little hard to believe Bob figuring out that the same guy who visited his restaurant and returned his burger due to a hair being in it ripped off Jimmy Pesto, Sr. just because he happened to see him walking out of Pesto’s the next day. How could he have known that Pesto was getting ripped off in the first place?

Tina was more of a distraction this episode. There were several brief shots of her talking to Jimmy Pesto, Jr. while on the jury because it was against the rules. This doesn’t surprise me but, at the same time, was annoying.

“A Few ‘Gurt Men” was a fun episode that built on Louise’s character. I look forward to next week’s Bob’s Burgers.

Kyle’s Take

Yeah, Bob figuring out he and Jimmy were ripped off by the same guy was hard to believe. Bob’s Burgers is a comedy so I’m want to give it a pass whenever it’s nonsensical. But Bob hates Jimmy Senior. I could see him wanting to get revenge on the guy who ripped him off but why would he want to aid Jimmy Pesto in any way? Again, Bob’s Burgers is a comedy and it’s possible the two could form a makeshift alliance. That’s a lot of suspension of disbelief

As the episode’s name implies, “A Few ‘Gurt Men” is a parody of A Few Good Men. This is the first time any Fox cartoon comedy has taken on the classic film (to my knowledge) and Bob’s Burgers is known for riffing older films. The monologues were hilarious.

Louise and Gene (the prosecutor) played off each other well and the fact that Louise pleaded her innocence to Mr. Frond—he’s the one who catches her red handed—was a nice touch. It’s the self-serving bend you’d expect from her character. The fairy tale trial was another good moment. Louise defended the Evil Queen from Snow White and voiced her frustrations with having to defend someone whose first name is Evil. Priceless.

Bob’s Burgers is still one of the stronger comedies on TV. I only hope it doesn’t take another long hiatus.

Thanks for reading.

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