Supergirl: “Exodus”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Exodus” was a mixed bag. I liked that Supergirl stayed with Daddy Danvers, even though the pacing continues to be too brisk. Romance didn’t dominate the episode, but it did steal pivotal moments and Winn and his alien girlfriend’s relationship is moving faster than Supergirl would like to admit. Winn voiced he didn’t want the relationship to go too fast. Sorry, Winn. It is. And there was a moment when I got excited, thinking Supergirl would shake things up, and the show took an easy route. Still, “Exodus” held my interest. It was entertaining.

Supergirl stays true to its characters. I don’t question Alex, Kara, and Maggie’s decisions regarding their want/need to protect their loved ones and how they choose to do so. I question the whiplash caused by how fast it took. Daddy Danvers was presumed innocent of Cadmus entanglements, caught red-handed as a Cadmus mole, explained what he did for Cadmus he did for his children and the greater good, and Alex accepting her father for who he is now. If that sounds like a lot for an hour and a half (with other stories sprinkled in for good measure), it is. Supergirl didn’t give Alex or Kara enough time to process Daddy Danvers’s return.

Then there was the ubiquitous military melodrama: Alex’s removal from her father’s case. This development makes sense. The DEO would want someone with more objectivity in charge of locating Daddy Danvers. But Supergirl doesn’t follow its own internal logic. How does Alex get outed as a potential double agent (J’onn pretended to be her father) after a day or two, when Daddy Danvers is gone for more than fifteen years and the DEO hands him security access to the entire headquarters? The CW needs to stay consistent.

I’m still digging Sanvers (Alex and Maggie’s relationship). Maggie supports Alex when no one else would. That’s a good girlfriend. Mon-El and Kara had a quick moment. After dominating the show for about a month, it’s odd Supergirl would douse the relationship with cold water. Winn and his ladylove don’t do much for me. She’s one of many aliens who are obviously alien. She’s also a little too knowledgeable of Earthly customs for someone new to the planet. “Exodus” had a moment when Jimmy Olsen wondered why she was so comfortable on Earth. Winn’s side story could have legs if his alien girlfriend turns out to be something she’s not. She doesn’t have to be a villain; something off-center could be fun.

These last two points enter spoiler territory so consider this your warning. During “Exodus’s” closing, Kara struggled to save Alex and the aliens stuck in an intergalactic shuttle to the middle of space. It worked because Kara could’ve failed. In fact, Kara should’ve failed. Alex Danvers lost in space could’ve taken Supergirl in an interesting direction. I understand why the show didn’t go this route but the potential got me excited.

I wasn’t excited about more Daximites at the show’s end. Sure, Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) as alien royalty has geek cred, but Supergirl has no a shortage of Kryptonians/Daximites. Supergirl hasn’t reached Arrow (archers) and Flash’s (speedsters) level but it doesn’t bode well that Daximites will hijack the second half of the season. I’d like more Cadmus.

But Cadmus is problematic. Kara has thwarted the organization several times in a single season. At what point does Cadmus cease to be a threat? Perhaps a break from Cadmus is a good thing, they can use the hiatus to get stronger, or maybe Supergirl doesn’t have a worthy nemesis. Cadmus was behind Alex and aliens getting launched into space. I didn’t want Alex gone from the series for a large chunk of time but Cadmus could’ve tallied a displaced Alex as a win.

Supergirl continues to be the best CW superhero show. That’s not saying much this season but it’s enough to keep me interested.

Thanks for reading.

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