The Flash Secrets: “The Darkness and the Light”



Hawkgirl works at Jitters? Hm, that’s interesting. While it’s uncertain whether or not Kendra Saunders has powers yet, Cisco gets rejected by her and then she agrees to date him at the end. This is another link between Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but I’m okay with this. Kendra joining the cast of The Flash reminds me of Barry joining Arrow for a little while.


Doctor Light

There’s more than one Doctor Light in the comics. The original Doctor Light was a villain, Dr. Arthur Light, who used light-based weaponry, photokinesis, and a genius intellect to mildly perturb heroes for years. The other second Doctor Light, Kimiyo Hoshi, was a hero and longtime member of the Justice League. Even though she’s a petty criminal, Malese Jow’s Doctor Light takes after the second Doctor Light rather than the first, but Arrow did mention a “light gun” when Cisco gave Ollie a weapon in which to take down a Mirakuru warrior.


Jesse Quick (Wells)

Harrison Wells’ daughter Jesse could and probably will become Jesse Quick on some Earth. She’s a speedster in her own right and could be the reason why Earth-2’s Harrison Wells wants the Flash to take out Zoom. With no Jay Garrick the only speedster Zoom has to go after is Wells’ daughter. Ah, there could be a lot more to Wells’ behavior and that’s always a good thing.



“One of my best friends is from there (Atlantis),” Jay Garrick says in this week’s episode. This is an obvious reference to Aquaman’s home. The Arrow-Flashverse has had such references in their scripts but cut them at every turn until “The Darkness and the Light.”

It’s odd that Atlantis is above water on Earth-2. I wonder how Aquaman’s city interacts with other cities.


Killer Frost

I mentioned this Easter egg in our review, but I don’t actually think Earth-Prime or Earth-One’s Caitlin Snow will become Killer Frost. Harrison Wells’ watch doesn’t go off when he scans her and there is another Caitlin Snow on Earth-2. Something tells me Snow from Earth-2 was the one affected by the particle accelerator and not Ronnie.


Speed Mirage

This might be the first time Barry’s used a “Speed Mirage,” but it’s not the first time we’ve seen one on The Flash. Wells used a similar power in season one, right before he drove his hand into Cisco’s heart.



Jim and I have mentioned Vibe several times and today, Cisco Ramon is officially Vibe. Who knows if he’ll get his costume? His power—as it stands at the moment—doesn’t lend itself to Cisco leaping into the fray. But at least he has his own codename.

Did you miss our Flash review? Here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “The Flash Secrets: “The Darkness and the Light”

  1. Without giving to much away. Comic fans would know the characters of wally west & jesse quick. Let’s hope the TV series doesn’t follow the original story line.


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