Arrow: “So It Begins”


Jim’s Thoughts

“So It Begins” finally gave us what I’ve been calling for. We returned to the Prometheus story. The result of that was probably the best episode of Arrow we’ve seen this season.

The callback to the first season with Ollie and his list drudged up more contrived feelings of guilt, and some forced animosity with the team. Having them call Ollie a “serial killer” sounds absurd considering these were people who supposedly had a hand in “the undertaking,” which killed a bunch of people in the glades (if I’m remembering correctly).

Quentin’s alcoholism battle just feels like a fill-in-the-blank storyline to keep him doing something on screen. There isn’t an emotional impact to it. That might be due to the lack of focus on it, but we’ve already seen this story, and it doesn’t do anything for the character. At this point, Lance is well past the show’s 20-minute-grief-limit. I mean, Ragman had his whole town nuked, and he’s doing okay for himself.

Guess what? I still hate Felicity, and I still resent every single moment devoted to her character. At this point, I’m worried her new human body pillow of a boyfriend will end up being Prometheus just because that’d be an infuriating way to give her more screen time. My only hope is that it’d be way too obvious. My money is actually on the DA.

The show had all the usual knocks against it, but the focus on Prometheus is good. That’s what will make the show interesting. My only hope at this point is that Flash going back in time will undo everything, but we’ll scream at that bridge when it’s time.

Kyle’s Take

I get that we haven’t reached the bridge that is Flashpoint yet, but it’s a Golden Gate Bridge of a plot device. Flashpoint is the most recognizable landmark and dominates the first half of this season.

Yes, we got more Prometheus, and that’s a good thing. Yes, we had a callout to Arrow’s first season, and that was fun, except that it’s a few seasons too late and convenient to have “The List” as the thing that would tear this new team apart. But Jim skipped over Arrow’s big dun-dun-dun moment at the end of “So It Begins,” and that could be because of rehashed storylines or the fact that nothing matters until after Flashpoint changes everything in a month or two.

Just in case you haven’t seen “So It Begins,” a spoiler alert is in order.

*Commence Spoilers*

Quentin Lance has the same wound Artemis gave Prometheus. The implication is that Lance gets blackout drunk and dons the Prometheus outfit after late night binges. That can’t be Arrow’s end game this season, so it’s either a clumsy Red Herring (I think the real Prometheus is the DA, too) and he’s being framed, or Lance is Prometheus until after the events of Flashpoint, and then we’ll get a new Prometheus (this could also be the DA). Regardless, Quentin’s alcoholism and Prometheus are linked until Arrow shows us otherwise.

*End Spoilers*

Arrow even suggesting that it’ll tie one of its reheated French Fries of a plotline to the main villain doesn’t make me happy. It’s been done, Arrow should move on from the plotline, but we’re stuck with it until it resolves. And, for those of you who didn’t read the spoiler section, that’s two major plot devices that are holding Arrow hostage.

Artemis (alter ego: Evelyn Sharp) is the newbie who took the most offense to Ollie as a “serial killer.” I’m not sure that she’s from the Undertaking. I thought she was the one who was a H.I.V.E. test subject, wore a blonde wig, and pretended to be a third Black Canary after Laurel died. It doesn’t matter. Artemis fell out of the sky and into the Arrowcave.

With Artemis filling the sidekick archer role, I’m not sure if Speedy will ever rejoin Team Arrow. But who knows? The rise of Artemis, Mon-El (in Supergirl) who is akin to Superboy (Kon-El in the comics), and Kid Flash could lead to a Young Justice live action series. I’d be down with Young Justice—it’s an ongoing comic and a solid animated series, which is available on Netflix—but if you’re going to include Robin, you’re going to have to admit that there’s a Batman.

Anyway. Let’s get back to Arrow. Even with all its issues, I enjoyed “So It Begins.” It feels like Arrow is picking a direction. I’m not sure if I agree with the direction, but it’s a start. I have hope for this season. I’d have even more hope if the show holds my interest after it crosses its Golden Gate Bridge.

Thanks for reading.

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