Supergirl: “Changing”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Changing” introduced a classic Superman foe Parasite as its villain-of-the-week. Parasite is handled well. There were several nods to his classic look and even though he’s a weekly villain, there were some story threads that tied into Supergirl’s ongoing Cadmus arc, and that’s always a good thing.

For most of the episode Mon-El didn’t interest me. Supergirl shoved how much he’s Kara’s opposite down our throats. He’s more believable after his inevitable change of heart. Mon-El’s character arc would’ve had more of an impact if I didn’t know he’d turn “good” before the end of this episode. It’s also by-the-numbers to have Mon-El captured by the season’s big bad Cadmus. Didn’t Arrow do this with Wild Dog a couple weeks ago?

The Alex-Maggie love story ended abruptly, but it was a satisfying end that could have long-lasting results. Each time Supergirl showed Alex kiss Maggie it looked as if she was trying too hard, so it made sense that Alex had fallen for Maggie, while Maggie would view Alex as a friend. I like Supergirl’s choice to make them friends—for now because I’m sure we’ll cross another Alex loves Maggie bridge—until they build their relationship and Alex explores who she is. I’ve been on record as not being a huge fan of alter egos, but Supergirl drawing parallels between Kara hiding her Supergirl identity and Alex discovering her sexuality worked.

Jimmy Olsen’s turn as The Guardian still doesn’t work. Not every superhero show has to be a superhero team show, and Olsen moonlighting as a hero detracts from the Catco drama. I’d hate to see Kara’s struggles to be a legitimate reporter take a backseat to Jimmy playing hero. We’ve seen the struggling hero trope; we don’t get enough of a hero struggles for something more than beating up a weekly villain. In fact, Kara’s desire to be a good reporter gives her the impetus to maintain her alter ego.

I’m not sure how to take the Miss Martian-Martian Manhunter story thread. It appears that Miss Martian has feelings for J’onn J’onnz. Supergirl will have to explain how a white Martian that hunts green Martians with extreme prejudice would fall in love with a green Martian, but I can suspend disbelief until the show gives me a reason not to.

Overall “Changing” was a solid episode and a step up from last week’s faceless villain. While I like the huge web Cadmus is casting, I’d like to see that web take shape. I’m sure Supergirl will gain clarity by the midseason finale. Until then I’ll enjoy the strongest of the CW superhero shows this season.

Thanks for reading.

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