Arrow Secrets: February 13, 2015

Is Thea Really Speedy?
Ollie has dropped Thea’s nickname Speedy on both her and occasionally Roy over the last three seasons. But could Thea really become Green Arrow’s sidekick from the comic books? Thea knows Ollie’s secret and she’s touring the same island Ollie called home for years. Perhaps she could become the Speedy fans know and love.

Chasing the Wrong Chase
Thea’s would-be boyfriend Chase betrays her in this week’s episode, but Chase is a common name in the DC Comics Universe. Champion Chase hunted superheroes and villains, and the Chase family took to crime-fighting as The Vigilante, but none of these Chases ever lived a few as one of the League of Assassins. Oh well. Better luck next time, Chase.

This is the first time since The Flash got his own show that STAR Labs featured in Arrow so prominently. In the battle of the Canaries, we catch a glimpse of a STAR container box.

Corto Maltese
Here we go again. Named after an island off the coast of South America, Frank Miller created this locale for his The Dark Knight Returns. Arrow referenced the location when Ollie said that Deadshot had operated out of the island prior to arriving in Starling City.

But the most famous—and my favorite—reference occurred in 1989’s Batman. According to Burton’s Batman, Vicki Vale won critical acclaim for her coverage of The Corto Maltese revolution.

Daggett Pharmaceuticals
Did anyone else catch those stamped Daggetts on all those shipping crates? The Daggett Pharmaceutical company from this week’s episode could have a connection to Roland Daggett, a competitor of Bruce Wayne’s and villain behind the scenes for Batman.

Someone’s on the Wharf with Dinah
This week’s hallucinations kept calling Laurel by her full name, “Dinah Laurel Lance.” That makes sense, since the Black Canary of comics goes by Dinah. Who goes by their middle names anyway?

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