The Flash Secrets: February 13, 2015

Roll Up for the Concordance Mystery Tour
The FIRESTORM project got its start at the Concordance Research Facility. And of course STAR Labs is to blame for the FIRESTORM debacle.

Jazz great Mal Duncan?
If you blinked your ears, you missed it. Barry referenced the musician Mal Duncan to Linda Park. For those of you who don’t know, Mal Duncan is also known in the DC Comics Universe as Vox, one of DC Comics’ first African-American superheroes.

52 is the Answer for Everything
Did you catch that Channel 52 broadcast the Firestorm event? Or how about the crossroads of 52nd and Waid? It’s nice to see a fitting New 52 and its creator Mark Waid shout-out in a popular DC Television Universe show.

Mr. Punctual?
Barry jokes about being Mr. Punctual in this episode, when he’s the fastest man alive, but he’s always late.

Quentin Quayle
Dr. Stein exploded next to another scientist by the name of Quentin Quayle in this episode. But did you know that a Quayle, Phineas Quayle is known as Doctor Anomaly and his power is time travel? Could this Quayle play into future episodes of The Flash?

Conway Prize for Scientific Advancement
The Conway Prize for Scientific Advancement doesn’t exist in the real world, but Dr. Stein earned three of them—eat your heart out Dr. Wells. But the name Conway comes from Firestorm’s creator, Gerry Conway. Conway also created Arrow’s Felicity Smoak.

Flame On
This was a rather obvious Human Torch reference, but I liked it.

Who Was the Other Speedster?
We found out a lot about Barry’s mom’s murder in this episode. Barry Allen was there, trying to stop the killer, and Professor Wells wasn’t the other man, even though Wells is the Reverse-Flash.

In the comics, Eobard Thawne—similar to Edward Thane—is a villain from the future who travels to the past and raised heck with similar powers to The Flash. Hunter Zolomon is a man from the present whose relationship to time shifted and gives him an approximation of The Flash’s powers, so that could be the guy, too.

But it’s Thawne who killed Barry’s mother in Flash: Rebirth, and The Flash has used a lot from Flash: Rebirth.

Flash back to our The Flash review.

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