Archer Review – “Drastic Voyage: Part 1”


Kyle’s Review

Archer and company get tasked with removing a life-threatening blood clot from an important comatose scientist. ISIS doesn’t have any doctors in their employ—even Krieger will tell you that he’s a doctor-ish but he doesn’t have a degree (whatever those are)—so they don’t perform surgery. No, the logical course of action is to shrink the gang and inject them into the man at the clot’s source. What we get for twenty minutes is typical Archer madness.

Krieger shined brightest in this episode. He felt disrespected, because the other “doctors” gave him the meaningless tasks because he doesn’t have an “MD,” and fouled up the mission at every turn. The rest of the episode pushed beyond the Lana-Archer love angle and to multiple “What will happen to their daughter Aubergine if both Lana and Archer die” scenarios. The third thread is “How does ISIS fit with the CIA?”

We’ve seen the former two threads often this year, but Archer occasionally dropped the CIA angle and whenever they did mentioned the CIA this season, the arc got twisted and disjointed. Case in point, we went from Archer and Lana screwing up their Wales mission last week to this week’s jump cut in a laboratory. We knew this season had to lead to ISIS’s falling in or falling out with the CIA, but why has the CIA put up with them for this long? I’m all for suspension of disbelief—especially in a comedy—but this pushes things a little too far and I could do without it.


The individual parts of this episode worked but this season’s impending climax leaves a lot to be desired.

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