The Flash Secrets: March 26, 2015


Here comes the Golden Glider

There is a Lisa Snart in DC Comics but she doesn’t have a gold gun. In the comics, she was a figure skater, fueled by vengeance, who turned to a life of crime. She locked horns with The Flash on a normal basis—that’s probably because she’s Captain Cold’s sister. She started with specialty skates that created their own ice so she could glide her way into the fray. Then, she became a meta-human that could fly.

A gold gun might look weird, but I would’ve doubled over if I saw a soaring figure skater. Fly, Lisa, fly!

“More like me”

We get another line of reused dialogue in The Flash. Mark Mardon delivered the line “I didn’t know there were more like me,” which echoed what his brother said in the pilot. Nice.


Cosmic Treadmill

We mentioned in last week’s secrets page that the Flash owned a time-traveling treadmill and this week, we saw it.

Um…did Barry use an ice pack?

Apparently, Eddie hit Barry so hard that Barry had to ice his face. Is Barry’s healing factor on the fritz? Maybe he should check his warranty.


“How many more people could die if your mother lives?”

If we can believe Flashpoint, a lot.

According to the event miniseries, the world is filled with hurt if Barry went back in time and successfully saved his mother. We’ll see if The Flash takes this turn—even if only for an episode or two.

The Flash’s Deal with the Rogues

The Flash and the Rogues have had a long-standing agreement in the comics where they try to stop each other, but nobody gets hurt. We’ve seen the books get a lot of play out of the idea that the Rogues might break the arrangement, but this was more of a guideline in the comics. The two sides never got together to determine which trees marked the end zone for their game of football.

Lightning Psychosis

I see this excuse for Barry’s behavior coming up again and again in the near future.

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