Grimm Review – “Double Date”


Kyle’s Review

Grimm had an iffy outing with this week’s “Double Date.” We’ve seen the dualities of the Wesen of the week in the past, but I didn’t completely buy the tapeworm-like Wesen with both a male and a female half. It felt disingenuous.

But before we go more into the Wesen of the week, let’s talk about some other elements. The ongoing story arcs continued: Juliette’s Hexenbiestness, Adalind’s new baby, and Juliette and Nick on the rocks. We even got introduced to a new arc of Renard’s touch with death causing ripples in his life. I’m not sure about Renard’s side story—I kind of liked only have two-three major ones—but all of those recurring stories got lost with this week’s over-the-top Wesen outcast.

I didn’t mind Grimm trying to tackle gender identity, but usually, Nick and his gang search for a middle ground. Yes, the tapeworm Wesen hustled unsuspecting men. Yes, one of their marks died (accidently) as a result and justice had to be upheld. But Team Grimm’s solution was more barbaric than normal. Nick shoots the Wesen with a testosterone-filled arrow, denying the Wesen of their female half and forcing them to remain male. You feel sorry for the Wesen, at the end, as it pleads for its female half to return, but those emotional heartstrings Grimm tries to pluck aren’t earned.


A worthy effort that fell short, but hopefully, Grimm bounces back next week.

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