Agent Carter Review: “The Edge of Mystery”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“The Edge of Mystery” could be one of the few episodes of Agent Carter when every character had a moment to shine, even Chief Thompson. Whitney reopened the rift, Wilkes gave into Zero Matter’s call, Jarvis attacked Whitney for what she did to his wife, and Thompson betrayed Masters and stuck it to the Council. Wow. That was a lot going on and every decision made by most of Agent Carter’s principle characters led to some life-altering moments.

I haven’t caught the second half of this week’s double-header yet, so I’m writing this blind to anything that happened in “A Little Song and Dance,” but I will take a moment and say that I hate that ABC has decided to air Agent Carter in two-hour blocks in order to make up for the network’s decision to delay the Season 2 premiere. I get why you wouldn’t want the two Marvel shows (Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) on at the same time, but there could’ve been a better way to handle this situation. Even though Agent Carter has suffered through three weeks of doubleheaders, the episodes the network have stuck together for these two-hours have worked because they have a through line (like last week’s return and escape of Dottie Underwood), so I expect “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance” to follow suit.

Getting back to “The Edge of Mystery,” I liked how the show used flashbacks for Mrs. Jarvis. The show didn’t dwell too long in the past, and this moment reminded me of the flashbacks we saw with Peggy and Whitney; those were some of the best moments this season.

The outcast super friends reunited, sort of, and while I didn’t care for the first episode they were together, “The Edge of Mystery” toned down the camp. I liked the hint of comedy.

Yeah, I’d have to say that while Jarvis continued to shine, it was the shocking—and yet understandable—turns Wilkes and Thompson made this week that caught my eye. Agent Carter’s ratings have been down this season and that’s too bad. If the show offered more antagonists like Whitney and continued to build layers for supporting characters like Wilkes, Thompson, Sousa, and Jarvis, the show could have legs. Agent Carter could still get renewed, and unlike last season, I wouldn’t be upset if it did.

“The Edge of Mystery” was a stellar episode. It’s too bad I don’t have a week to think about and discuss the episode before watching what happens next. I guess I’ll get to watching “A Little Song and Dance.” Seriously, ABC, the doubleheader thing is a bad call.

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