iZombie Review: “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Dang. I heard iZombie was going to take a short hiatus—it’ll be off until March 22nd—and that’s torture. Last week’s mystery of the week preceded another show, “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind,” that packed as much as it could into an hour.

Ravi discovered that not all tainted Utopium is the same and that there may be your typical brain-dead zombies in the world, and that freaked the natives—it’s only a matter of time before Max Rager’s secret would shake loose, and now they may have to do a little damage control. Liv discovered that her roommate was the one who sexted Major while the two of them were together and she threw her out—Max Rager will take action and perhaps we’ll see them sic another mole on Liv. Major was ready to tell Liv that he’s the Chaos Killer. We knew Drake was tangled up in a mess a dangerous and thick as Medusa’s hair, but this episode showed just how complex and multi-layered his story is—I would’ve never guessed he was working with the police, but that makes me happy knowing that he’s not just a street thug. And we saw a newly re-zombified Blaine claw his way out of a shallow grave. I may have missed something and that was all in the show’s final ten minutes.

I’m not even sure I’ve processed everything that happened and that’s crazy considering how loaded iZombie was with plots and subplots before this week. Unlike some CW shows, you trust there will be a good payoff for most, if not all, of what’s going on. The characters intertwine nicely and even though iZombie is based on a comic, they changed enough of the original source material to keep things fresh and they don’t rely on the source material to build its characters.

It wasn’t all sunshine this week. The weekly mystery was a snooze but there was a nice twist to the ending: the guilty party got away with murder. This was particularly bad, considering that the victim was characterized as the kindest woman on the planet. Her daughter wanted her inheritance and dropped an air conditioner on her head. That’s a horrible way to go, but it least it wasn’t a toilet. That was in bad taste, and I apologize and I’m sure the victim just forgave me because that’s what she would’ve done. She would’ve even given her daughter the money if she asked. That ending ticked me off but that was the point.

Liv being subject to someone notorious for handing out second-chances was also the point of this episode. Her new beau Drake has a complicated past but he’s trying to make amends. Somehow, I don’t see a re-zombified Blaine giving Mr. Boss that same chance. Heads will roll when iZombie returns and I’ll try to wrap my head around what else happened this episode. “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind” is easily one of the best iZombie episodes this season.

Thanks for reading.

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