Bob’s Burgers Review: “Sexy Dance Healing”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Sexy Dance Healing” was a star-studded joy. Kevin Kline reprised his role of Mr. Fischoeder (pronounced fish odor), Rob Huebel portrayed a doctor, Steve Buscemi made an appearance as a lawyer, and Jon Glaser returned as Jairo, the Capoeiera guru. Okay, this week’s episode may not be steeped in strong familial ties like “Hauntening” or “Hawk & Chick,” but as far as Bob driven episodes are concerned, “Sexy Dance Healing” is about as good as it gets.

Bob stresses over everything but nothing as much as his catchy, punny burgers of the day. I have a soft spot for these puns—I’ve even made a few of the burgers—so it was nice to see the burger of the day take center stage for the first time in the show’s run. Bob found himself in a bad slump, coming up with names like “The say cheese burger,” and “Head, shoulders, knees, and tomatoes burger.” These weren’t Bob’s best names. While out on a walk to find his burger name muse, Bob slipped on the body oil Jairo dumped on the sidewalk. The rest of the episode showed Bob turn into a real Brazil nut. He committed to Jairo’s “sexy, dance healing” instead of suing him for damages.

Bob’s Burgers balanced this episode between the Belcher kids running their own fake law firm and gags about how much Bob changed. The one thing I wonder is why everything Capoeiera-related had to do with the buttocks. The last time Jairo was on the show, Bob missed one of his 4:30 appointments and soiled himself. When Bob first visits Jairo, Jairo asks him to describe the color and personality of his bowel movements. I have to admit that I shared this with my wife, who works as a nurse. Who knows, this could be another way to find out what’s wrong with someone? No one wants a clingy bowel movement. But I don’t know how a buttocks can look like it’s stressed over a test it has tomorrow.

There were plenty of butt jokes during “Sexy Dance Healing,” but they undercut Bob’s journey to self-discovery. He may stress about his burgers of the day, but the stress grants him the drive to be the best burger chef he can be. And the wait for “Runny out of thyme burger” was well worth it. This week’s episode may not be the strongest episode this season, but this season of Bob’s Burgers has been a particularly good one like last year’s.

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