Friday Night Premieres

We’re stoked to have two new shows to review tonight. Grimm starts its third season, and Constantine premieres.
I’m a little more excited about Constantine, but I’m concerned that the studio execs launched the show on Friday night—that’s where you put shows out to pasture. But who knows? NBC could dominate Friday night television, and that could be enough to keep the show afloat. I’m flying blind with the Constantine story and that’s refreshing. I read little of the comic and I vaguely remember the Keanu Reeves movie, so tonight should be fun.

Constantine should pair well with Grimm. Both dabble with the supernatural and detective work, but I fear that Grimm has lost some of its shine, and I hope that doesn’t negatively impact Constantine.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed Grimm during its first couple of seasons, but the third season fell flat. Sure, the cliffhanger proved interesting, but the writers kept dipping into the same well. Nick encounters an odd wesen (pronounced vesen and the term refers to a fairy tale creature for those new to the show), brings it to Monroe’s attention, and Monroe tells him that it sounds like that’s a fill-in-the-blank, but it can’t be that because if it is that, you’re in big trouble.

And the series is in trouble if they don’t shake up the stories from time to time. What happened to misdirection? Or the stories that didn’t rely on a shiny new wesen, and actually involved some detective work based on what we already know of this world? Grimm lost its way in the third season. I’d like to see Nick as more of the detective he was in the first two seasons.

He might just have to do more detective work as he lost his Grimm powers—being able to see wesen—at the end of season three. But I fear that the new girl Grimm—nicknamed Trouble—will cause more trouble for Grimm’s fourth season as she adds to the growing soap opera and she may keep Nick from having to do some actual detective or Grimm work.

Still, I look forward to watching both show and will post a review soon.

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