Top 5 Upcoming Movies Based on Tabletop Games

Hollywood has repeatedly tapped the comic book well, converted TV shows to movies, and retreaded classic movies. Always looking for the next big thing, the big screen has turned its attention to tabletop games. We may have gone ten years between Jumanji (1995) and Zathura (2005), but the silver screen shortened time between tabletop game movies with films like Battleship (2012) and Ouija (2014). More movies are on the way in the not-so-distant future, but I’ll be the first to say that not every tabletop game needs its own movie. Here’s our pick for most the anticipated movies based on tabletop games that you could see soon in a theater near you.

Candyland015) Candy Land
All we know about the upcoming Candy Land movie is that Adam Sandler stars and plans to co-write the script. The real question is will Sandler play King Kandy, cross dress as Gramma Nutt, or switch between both roles?

Risk014) Risk
We know a little bit more about Risk. Sony hired John Hlavin (Underworld 4) to write the script in 2012. Overbrook Entertainment is set as the production company, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Overbrook is owned by Will Smith, so we know who one of the actors will be. My big question is what will make Risk different from all other war movies? It has to have something that at least hints at the board game.

Monopoly013) Monopoly
This is another tabletop game movie where I question how the film will differ from all other tycoon films. Obviously, they’ll set Monopoly in Atlantic City. But will they portray Rich Uncle Pennybags as he appears in the game? Will they make the flick a period piece? Will they animate it or use live-action? Ridley Scott doesn’t do animation and he wants to direct the film. Scott even hired writers in 2011. I wonder if we should send a search party, since no one has heard from these writers. Perhaps they went to jail, directly to jail.

HungryHungryHippos012) Hungry, Hungry Hippos
You heard right. Hungry, Hungry Hippos is getting the big screen treatment. Film studio Emmett/Furla confirmed in 2012 that they’re bringing the blubber, citing that the upcoming film will be “a playful adaptation of the game, featuring murderous hippos.” This flick could plummet, succeed as artful camp, accurately portray one of nature’s most deadly animals, or even devour the box office. We’ll have to wait and see. But one thing’s for certain. You’ll fear the hippo. You will.

Monsterpocalypse1) Monsterpocalypse
We know the most about this film, so that should be a good sign. Dreamworks acquired the rights to turn this fun beat-em-up into a movie in 2010. There’s a script flying around and someone even shared a synopsis.

Monsters attack Earth, get defeated and burrow beneath the ground to recuperate, sending a signal into space for reinforcements while licking their wounds. Meanwhile, Earth forces construct giant robots to fend off the anticipated attack.

If this sounds like Pacific Rim, you’re right. Pacific Rim (2013) borrows more than a little bit from Monsterpocalypse (2008). But I’ve been saying for a couple films already that you have to separate this movie from others of its type, so how will Monsterpocalypse accomplish this? Three words. Full. Frontal. Burton.

Tim Burton is set to direct this film and you get three things with that: the patented Burton aesthetic, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Johnny Depp.

Did we get the list right? Let us know which movies you’d include in this Top Five or suggest ideas for new Top Fives.

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