The Flash Secrets: “Welcome to Earth-2”

Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke

The Green Arrow we caught a glimpse of during “Welcome to Earth-2” didn’t look like Oliver Queen. There’s another Green Arrow who’s coming to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow soon. This could’ve been the first look at Connor Hawke.

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex will also appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and he was also shown during the breach.

Supergirl The Flash


Oh, yeah. That was Melissa Benoist as Supergirl in The Flash. Since Barry saw her while moving through a breach in the multiverse, it means that Supergirl comes from a different Earth.

Fans have assumed that Supergirl and The Flash took place on different Earths after the leak of their March 28 crossover episode “Worlds Finest” was announced. The episode’s title omitted the apostrophe. “Welcome to Earth-2” provided hard confirmation that Supergirl exists on a different Earth.

The idea that Supergirl exists on a different Earth is a mixed bag for fans. While it explains why the DC movie and TV universes are separate, it means we won’t see an Arrow-Supergirl crossover any time soon, because the Flash is the one who can go to other worlds. Then there’s the remark Rip Hunter made about Men of Steel and Dark Knights. Does that mean that Batman and Superman exist but sometime in the future? We’ll have to see.

Legion Ring

Legion Ring

The breach gave us yet another Easter Egg. We caught a glimpse of a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring. Watch out because Geoff Johns hinted that the Legion of Super-Heroes will appear on one of the TV shows he oversees.

A lot of fans assumed the Legion would make their appearance on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow because of its use of time travel but that would diminish Vandal Savage as a villain. The Legion comes from the 31st Century and Savage shapes the world into his image by 2166. If the Legion showed up in Legends, it would mean that they’d have to travel back in time and that Savage was little more than a speed bump.

Supergirl was another likely candidate for a Legion sighting because of her association with the team, but Johns may have been talking about this one shot in The Flash.

JohnWesleyShippThe Flash

TV’s Original Flash

Nostalgia ran high with The Flash dropping an image of TV’s original Flash John Wesley Shipp. Oh yeah.

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd

Yes! I’ll take Grodd any way I can get him and we saw him in the breach. We’ve last seen Grodd in “Gorilla Warfare” when Harrison Wells and Barry exiled him to Earth-2’s Gorilla City. Will he factor into the story going forward? Probably not, but it’d be cool if he did make another appearance.

Henry Hewitt Earth 2 The Flash

Henry Hewitt

Henry Hewitt was the villain of the week Tokamak during “Fury of Firestorm.” Earth-Prime’s Hewitt is a scientist with a chip on his shoulder who turned psycho when exposed to the power of the Firestorm Matrix. On Earth-2, Hewitt was never exposed to the Firestorm Matrix, so it makes sense that he’s a mild mannered scientific researcher.

In the comics, Hewitt ran a corrupt energy conglomerate who attempted to play hardball with US Congress to manipulate markets on his behalf. Tokamak’s most notable accomplishment was Firehawk, a superheroine with powers comparable to Firestorm. Firehawk was created when Hewitt kidnapped a Senator’s daughter and conducted experiments on her in order to recreate the accident that birthed Firestorm. He later used himself as a guinea pig for the same experiments and that’s how he gained his powers.

Earth-2 Barry The Flash

Barry’s Bow Tie

Barry donned the bow tie viewers fell in love with during his brief stint on Arrow’s second season. But Barry has always been fond of wearing bow ties in the comics. Heck, Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver gave a backstory for Barry’s tie in the pages of their story The Flash: Rebirth.

Flashpoint Citizen Cold

Mayor Snart

News 52 revealed that there’s a Mayor Snart on Earth-2. We don’t know which member of the Snart family went into politics, but it’s most likely Leonard (Earth-Prime’s Captain Cold).

Just Society

A Free & Just Society

The motto of the Earth-2 Central City Police Department is “A free and just society,” but Earth-2 is also home to the Justice Society of America.

A Golden Glow

Have you noticed how everything in Earth-2’s daylight hours has a golden sheen and the technology, while advanced, has an old fashion design to it? That could be an homage to DC’s Golden Age, when the Justice Society first appeared. Or that could be The Flash’s way of making things look different on Earth-2. Who knows?

The Flash -- "Welcome to Earth-2" -- Image FLA213b_0379b -- Pictured: Candice Patton as Earth 2 Iris West -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Detective West

Okay. Turning Iris into a detective was nothing but misdirection. Right? Not exactly. The Flash pilot referenced that Iris had wanted to go to the police academy, but Earth-Prime’s Joe stopped her because it was too dangerous. It sounds like every Joe West doesn’t want his daughter to become a cop.


On Earth-1, Floyd Lawton is an outlaw who uses his perfect marksmanship to commit murders for hire and dies while serving in A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad.

Earth-2’s Lawton is a Central City cop known for his terrible aim and poor firearm handling.

On another Earth (the same one as Supergirl?), Lawton is still an outlaw with perfect marksmanship but he probably won’t die because he’s played by Will Smith and no one kills Will Smith.

Earth-2 Captain Singh

Captain Singh

Earth-2 used a lot of polar opposites to Earth-Prime’s counterparts. Deadshot is a good cop who can’t shoot, while police captain Singh is a crook.

Deathstorm Killer Frost


During 2010’s Blackest Night event, the then-dead Ronnie Raymond came back to life as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, who waged war on humankind. When he encountered the new Firestorm, Jason Rusch, Black Lantern Ronnie attacked his girlfriend. Jason tried to pull Black Lantern Firestorm away from her, only to end up fusing with him. The result was Deathstorm, the worst possible version of Firestorm.

The Flash Killer Frost

Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow is finally Killer Frost. Okay, she’s Killer Frost on Earth-2.

In the comics, she’s a villain who sucks out the heat from her victims. Killer Frost has a love affair with Firestorm, since she can touch him without killing him. In the TV show and on Earth-2, Ronnie and Caitlin are lovers. We’ll have to see what happens now that Ronnie has been taken from her. Things could get icy.

Aquaman Sword of Atlants

A Trip to Atlantis

During her call with Barry, Nora Allen thanks her son for the tickets to Atlantis. Atlantis is the home of Aquaman and this is the second time Flash has mentioned the location, because one of Jay Garrick’s best friends is from there.

JLA Phone

Barry’s Telephone Contacts

The top two are parent phone numbers, but the ones under those are friends. Eddie (Thawne) is still alive and friendly, but take a look at the bottom three names.

The showrunners insist that this is just an Easter Egg. Don’t expect to see any of these characters in The Flash, but we still see the names Bruce (Wayne) Batman, Hal (Jordan) Green Lantern, and Diana (Prince) Wonder Woman on Barry’s speed dial.



Jitters isn’t a coffee café on Earth-2, but Jitterbugs is a jazz club. Nice.

Earth-2 Joe West

Joe Sings

In real life, actor Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West, is a fantastic singer. One of his best-known roles was as part of the ensemble Rent.



Adam Stafford plays Adam Fells, also known as Geomancer who is a foe of the Justice Society and co-created by Geoff Johns. Fells was a big fish in a small pond until he joined the Injustice Society and things went south. Eventually, he died. A successor came along (think Trickster from last season) but didn’t amount to much.

Martin Pasko Superman

Pasko & 4th

This is another street corner reference for a longtime DC Comics writer and editor, Martin Pasko.



During the Arrow/Flash crossover, we saw Velocity 6, a speed formula developed by Harrison Wells, but we get the next version in this weeks’ episode: Velocity 7. We’re getting closer to Velocity 9, which can give speedsters increased speed for longer periods of time. Of course, Jay illustrated the dangers of such a formula.



There is a Reverb in the comics. Reverb is Vibe’s brother, who joined a for-profit superhero team called The Conglomerate following the death of Vibe. Reverb hoped to bring honor to his brother’s name.

Death of Reverb

Avoid Vibrating Hands to the Chest

Cisco has a problem with speedsters vibrating their hands into his chest. That’s how Earth-Prime Cisco died last season in a timeline that was discarded when Barry changed the past.

Diggle, Wally, or Someone Else?

Could that man, trapped in prison, have been Diggle in the metal mask at the end of “Welcome to Earth-2?” He wasn’t the right size for John, but it could’ve been Little Diggle Andy. Or it could’ve been Earth-2’s Wally West. Zoom is collecting speedsters.

Did you miss our Flash “Welcome to Earth-2” review? Here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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