The Flash Secrets: “Enter Zoom”


Jesse Quick (Wells)

Harrison Wells (Earth-2) called his daughter “Quick,” so I’m wondering if Quick is a nickname for Jesse like Speedy is a nickname for Thea. In the comics, Jesse is the daughter of Johnny Quick, who was another early speedster who also worked with Jay Garrick. Jesse, whose mother is also a Justice Society member Liberty Belle, would take up her parent’s calling and help those in need. She’s been a member of the JSA but also worked with the Titans and the JLA.


Robert Queen

Everything you heard over Earth-2’s radio checked out. Oliver Queen died on this Earth, while his father Robert Queen donned the mantel of “The Hood.” Fathers taking over their son’s gigs was a common trait on Earth-2 during the Flashpoint universe: Bruce Wayne died and his father Thomas Wayne became Batman. But Thomas Wayne donned Batman’s cape and cowl for time even after the Flashpoint DC Universe.

News 52

News 52 and Big Belly Burger never change on any Earth. When Harrison watches his daughter get kidnapped on the news, he’s watching News 52.


Cooking and Eating Way Too Much

Apparently, Linda cooks when’s she’s nervous and she cooks way too much. That’s good because she has long ties with Wally West (the third Flash) in the comics and Wally could eat a mountain of hamburgers after all his running. Remember when Barry had to eat a lot because of the calories he consumed while running (in season one)? Yeah, that comes straight from Wally West.

Hard Light

Did Patty mention something about hard light? Yeah, that’s a nod to Green Lantern.


Terminal Velocity

The Flash comics have used just about every common phase involving speed as a storyline title and “Terminal Velocity” is no different. In this story Bart Allen gets introduced after Wally West appeared to have died. Like many comic book heroes, Wally didn’t stay dead.

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