The Flash Review: “Enter Zoom”


Jim’s Review

Flash is definitely moving in the right direction. This week’s episode took a much darker turn. I think we got a little bit of a payoff for the buildup with Zoom. They didn’t give us everything, but it was a strong introduction.

Some of the scenes with Cisco and Wells were a bit rough. Specifically, I’m talking about how Cisco tried to sneak up and “vibe” the guy, even after losing the element of surprise. It had the same kind of awkward feel of the scene where Linda played Dr. Light to try and trap Zoom. The show acknowledged the awkwardness, even tried to turn it into a joke, but it didn’t work for me.

I’m not entirely sure I buy into Barry’s fixation on Zoom being motivated by Earth Prime Wells’ final message to him. I don’t know if it’s so much a gap in logic as much as it’s due to the message having been dropped from the story until now.

Some of these side stories are misfiring, but I have to say the showdown with Zoom was more than enough of a highlight to make the show a success.

Kyle’s Take

“Enter Zoom” was an uneven episode of Flash but it ended in a great place. With Zoom in the title we knew we’d get a lot of the titular villain and he bolted onto the screen. The action was stellar—that’s rarely a concern—and Barry even used science to his advantage, kinda. We got what we needed to see from Zoom in order to prove he or she is Barry’s match—actually they were Barry’s superior—and that was exciting, but several of Flash’s side stories and other choices don’t hold water.

A lot of my issues with these side stories are like Jim said, either gaps in logic or a story element getting dropped and then picked up all of the sudden. I’m not sure where any of them fall but hopefully Flash will shore up some these shortcomings (many are nit-picky but they’re still there): Wells wouldn’t have let Cisco get close enough to vibe on him after the first attempt, Linda playing up that she wasn’t Dr. Light would’ve made more sense if we’d have seen or heard from the real Dr. Light after she ran off naked and invisible (we knew it was Linda; the writers didn’t have to use the plot device of her hamming it up), and I don’t buy the Earth Prime Wells-Earth-2 Zoom team up because that came out of nowhere.

But all of these grievances don’t amount to much because “Enter Zoom” left us with a fantastic cliffhanger. I don’t want to spoil the episode’s stinger but Barry isn’t in good shape and what’s even better is that we may have seen Zoom in costume, but we don’t know who he or she is on Earth-2. Is Zoom Eobard, Eddie, Joe, Henry Allen, Barry, or someone else from this other Earth? I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.

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