The Flash Secrets: April 24, 2015


Who is The Everyman?

In the DC Comics Universe, Hannibal Bates is the shape-shifting villain, The Everyman, created by Lex Luthor. He has shifted into Luthor and the Blue Beetle in the past but his most heinous act had to be when he became Green Arrow and went as far as marrying Black Canary. It took an arrow to the neck on the two love birds’ wedding night to stop the two from consummating the marriage.

Now, take that above wedding scenario and add the fact that The Everyman can’t take your form by simply touching someone in the comics; he had to eat a small portion of them.


Hi there, Starling City

Cisco and Joe met up with Detective Lance in Starling City this week and there were a lot of references to what’s going on in that show. I won’t go into the quality of those references but it’s a good sign that The Flash and Arrow don’t mind crossing over with various characters. I hope this is a sign of things to come.


Welcome to Coast City

Barry made a long trek for pizza this week. He ordered a pie from Hal Jordan’s home time of Coast City. We’ve discussed Coast City in the past – so I won’t go into too much detail here – but the biggest and worst thing to have ever happened in Coast City has to be the super villain Mongul destroying the city in the nineties. Even though Coastal City’s numbers increased to over two million, Nekron – during the Blackest Night arc – chose Coast City as the location of his ascension. He raised Coast City’s dead and it took Earth’s heroes and the Lantern Corps to defeat Nekron, restoring the city to order—for the most part.


Canary Cry

Cisco converted the sonic device Sara had used in Arrow into a necklace. This modification should make the device look and function closer to Black Canary’s sonic scream. In the comics, she’s usually a metahuman but they have used technology to mimic this effect. And for those comic purists, most Black Canary costumes include a choker similar to the one Cisco gave Sara, so Arrow might be adopting a more traditional look for the Canary.

Abnormal sonic frequency

Hunh? Cisco delivers another piece of vibration-powered tech. Could he be closer to becoming Vibe?

What the Frak?

Leave to Cisco to drop another geek pop cultural reference like a Battlestar Galactica exclamation. Take that, you frakking toasters.

If you missed our Flash “Who is Harrison Wells?” review, here’s a link to the review. Enjoy.

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