The Awesomes Review: “Super(hero) Tuesday”


Kyle’s Review

In typical Awesomes’s fashion, all of the third season’s threads got tied up neatly with “Super(hero) Tuesday.” I’m saying “Super(hero) Tuesday” wasn’t a good episode, it was, but this week’s episode showed us the Malocchio family pre-evil genius and set up next week’s finale: Prock’s Awesomes versus Mr. Awesome and his new team of Awesomes.

Prock took most of “Super(hero) Tuesday” coming to terms that his father was now evil. Prock knew his father wasn’t himself for most of this season and one of this week’s best moments is when Prock figures his father must be evil because Prock’s best friend Muscle Man reminds him that Mr. Awesome never treated Prock like a son when he was good, so Mr. Awesome has to be evil now. Ouch! This exchange was one of The Awesomes best awkward laughs.

But the thick-headed Muscle Man isn’t wrong about how terrible a father Mr. Awesome is. If you’ve been following The Awesomes, you’ll know this next part, but if you watch the show a couple of weeks after it airs, you may want to turn away. Mr. Awesome is Perfect Man’s father and Mr. Awesome was never there for Perfect Man as a father. This makes for an interesting dynamic as Prock’s family grew a lot this season. Livewire’s pregnant with his child, Prock acknowledges his mother’s new husband, and he has a brother in Perfect Man. I like how The Awesomes focused on family this season, and they didn’t limit themselves to the show’s namesake family.

“Super(hero) Tuesday” spent as much time with the Malocchio family as it did with the Awesome family. We caught a glimpse of what Livewire’s life was like before her father turned evil. Dr. Malocchio was a loving husband and father. This season of The Awesomes asks two questions at once. Is a great man also a good man? Can a notorious man be a good man? The Awesomes doesn’t get too deep—it’s a comedy after all—but it’s refreshing to see characters with various levels on a comedy/superhero show. I’m all in for next week’s season finale.

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