The Awesomes Review: “Les Miserawesomes”


Kyle’s Review

It was inevitable that The Awesomes would roll out a musical episode – I don’t know of too many comedies that don’t try at least one episode of that ilk – and “Les Miserawesomes” worked within the confines of current story arc. Paris was left in ruins, so Mr. Perfect and Impresario hopped the pond for clean-up detail.

We still have Mr. Awesome pulling the strings (not much happened with his story but that’s to be expected this early in the season) and he uses The Belgian Waffler as this week’s instrument. I can’t say that I cared for the singing; some of the cast don’t own the voices to pull off a “Les Mis” parody. But I guess a good voice isn’t a prerequisite for a musical spoof and it was nice to watch a musical episode tone down Gadget Gal: she gets on my nerves at times. She still sneaked in a couple of jabs at French frogs.

I also liked how Madame Hunchback played into this episode. She may play a larger role as the season progresses and that’s fine with me. Anything that either complicates Impresario’s relationship with his mother or shifts his narrative away from his unhealthy mother/son relationship is fine by me. The Awesomes’ third season is going off without a hitch. My only concern is that Sumo has been missing from these first three episodes. Hopefully, The Awesomes will bring him into the fold soon.


“Les Miserawesomes” was an inevitable musical spoof but The Awesomes pulled it off well enough. This week’s episode was another solid one.

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