The Awesomes Review: “Awesomes for Hire”


Kyle’s Review

Mr. Awesome pulled the trigger on his evil plan and The Awesomes got kicked into high gear this week. That was until government bureaucracy got in the way, which is often the case. We’ll get back to the episode’s review in a bit – and there’s plenty of tasty bits in “Awesomes for Hire” – but I have to share a couple of things that tickled my funny bone within the first three minutes of air time.

Jokes of the week: “A surprise earthquake ruined Jenga-Con.” “I never heard so many people scream ‘Jenga’ at once. It was deafening.” I love Jenga-Con and Muscleman’s subscription to Unicorn Detective: a cop show featuring a unicorn that solves murders in the My Little Pony universe. Those two jokes in “Awesomes for Hire” got me chuckling early and often.

Prock’s dad, Mr. Awesome, got the team kicked out of Awesome Mountain, so Prock runs to his momma with his tail between his legs—looks like Impresario isn’t the only one with Mother issues. Prock’s mom is a best-selling author of the 1970s book Super Dummies. It’s safe to say that she doesn’t approve of Prock’s super hero profession.

The rest of the episode bounced between Mr. Awesome trying to disband the government’s Superhero Agency, Mr. Awesome assembling a new Awesomes team and Perfectman regretting that Prock’s team left headquarters, and Prock’s mother trying to understand her son’s desire to fight crime (or play superhero) with the help of her psychiatrist, second husband. In short, plenty of new threads were introduced in “Awesomes for Hire,” enough to fuel The Awesomes until the end, when everything gets tied together.

Other great nuggets from this week’s episode:

  • Gadget Gal is outed as a hoarder
  • After realizing she has a problem, Gadget Gal sells her junk and gets rick
  • Prock’s mom is a little too involved in Prock and Livewire’s relationship
  • Don’t overlook the small crimes: supervillains may be behind your kid’s stolen bike
  • Beware the Super Bike; cyclists are tired of sharing the road


“Awesomes for Hire” is another great addition to The Awesome’s third season. This season’s main story arc is more cohesive and we aren’t inundated with too many new characters.


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