Spotlight: Megalopolis

Megalopolis01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Where it is: Superman has his Metropolis, and the Multiverse had to one up him with their Megalopolis
Primary Damage Type: Non-specific
Secondary Damage Type: Melee




Deck Concept: Expect a lot of delays as civilians enter the playing field, and the heroes protect them. There are some discard mechanics but not as many as other environment decks.
Biggest Global Effect: Rooftop Combat: Increase all damage dealt by 1. When this card enters play, destroy all other environment cards. While this card is in play, environment cards cannot be played. Deal the Villain character card 10 or more damage in a single round to destroy this card.
Worst Card (for the Heroes): Targeting Innocents: At the start of the environment turn, this card deals each hero target 3 fire damage. Look through the environment trash for a copy of the card “Impending Casualty” and put it in play. Deal the villain character card 5 or more damage in a single round to destroy this card.

Megalopolis02Oddest Way to Win (Achievement Time): Police Backup: At the end of the environment turn, this card deals 1 projectile damage to the villain character card. Whenever a villain card would force a player to discard a card, this card is destroyed.
How to Escape: You’ll have to gauge which targets (heroes, villains, or environment) have the most HP as you navigate “Plummeting Monorail.” Since Megalopolis interrupts the flow of the hero turn, you may need to meet a criteria like discarding a card (“Paparazzi on the Scene” and “Impending Casualty”) or focus damage on an environment target (“Traffic Pileup”), but Megalopolis is one of the hero friendlier environments in the Multiverse.