Quiz Answers: Know Your Roles Anime Voice Actors

Brad Swaile: Light Yagami

BradSwaile LightYagami

Colleen Clinkenbear: Monkey D. Luffy

ColleenClinkenbeard MonkeyDLuffy

Johnny Yong Bosch: Ichigo Kurosaki

JohnnyYongBosch IchigoKurosaki

Maile Flanagan: Naruto Uzumaki

MaileFlanagan NarutoUzumaki

Vic Mignogna: Edward Elric

VicMignogna EdwardElric

Let’s see how we did.

All 5 correct) You are now the god of a new world.

3-4 correct) You dealt some massive damage but your gum-gum pistol needed a little more power behind it.

1-2 correct) You did some damage but couldn’t contain your spirit energy.

0 correct) Looks like you need to focus more on your catra.

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