Powers Review – “F@#k the Big Chiller”


Kyle’s Review

Powers’ season finale, “F@#k the Big Chiller,” climaxed too soon for my taste. It reached an apex with close to twenty minutes left in a forty minute episode. That’s a long denouement. As a result, “F@#k the Big Chiller” played more like two mini episodes stapled together: the moments before Wolfe dies and the ones after Wolfe’s death.

The first portion of “F@#k the Big Chiller” had a solid pace but the acting felt forced. I almost believed Pilgrim’s first expletive when Wolfe escaped the first time but then she paused for ten seconds and started swearing for a few minutes, throwing a temper-tantrum. That was tough to watch. Noah Taylor’s Johnny Royalle almost sang his curse word a few scenes later and it was everything I could do to not chuckle. He should put that moment on his F***ing Wicked audition tape. The acting started to smooth out when the show focused on the action—and there was a lot of action. Somewhere along the way, Calista becomes the new Wolfe in a not-so-subtle hand-off of powers and that’s where the long walk to the finish began.

I got a better sense of the characters in the second portion of “F@#k the Big Chiller,” but the story meandered in predictable areas. Even the big reveal at the end wasn’t as big as I’m sure Powers would’ve liked. They choreographed the scene so much that it left nothing to the imagination. Even so, the final scenes do pose enough questions to warrant a second season. I don’t know if Playstation will renew Powers but the series ended with a cliffhanger, so it’s clear that they want to pursue one. I just hope Powers irons out some of its rough edges, particularly the ones with Pilgrim and Walker.


Powers’ “F@#k the Big Chiller” couldn’t decide what it wanted to be in this wonky finale.

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