Arrow Secrets: May 1, 2015


Canary Cry

Laurel was loud and proud with her Canary Cry this week. Sure, Sara Lance used a sonic disruptor, but this week’s Canary Cry came straight from the comics. Sort of. Usually, the Black Canary’s power is inherent, not based off of technology, but I couldn’t help but smile when she belted that super-sonic shout.

Smoke Bombs

Batman and The League of Assassins love using smoke bombs and this week we saw a nod to that gadget.



Thea Dearden Queen gets closer to the Mia Dearden, one of the people to go by the name Speedy in the comics. She’s had assassin training and Ollie has called her Speedy off and on since the pilot. Arrow has even shown archery trophies in Thea’s room from time to time, so that arrow through Ollie’s wrist wasn’t a lucky shot.


Marry my daughter

What’s with Ra’s Al Ghul giving his daughters’ hand in marriage to various members of the DC Universe? He’s been hard up to marry Talia off to Batman and now he’s doing the same with Ollie and Nyssa.


Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk was more than a name drop. He’s a minor character in the comics, but per Ra’s Al Ghul’s monologue, he’s the head of HIVE and behind several of the show’s mysteries. There has been some speculation on-line that Damien Darhk could be the son of Batman and grandson of Ra’s al Ghul, Damian Wayne, but that’d be too close to superhero who should not be named on a CW program.

In the comics, Darhk was a mysterious figure who claimed to be a major player in America’s underworld. He even had some connections to HIVE, so that’s not too far-fetched. On Arrow, HIVE hired Deadshot to kill Andy Diggle, John Diggle’s brother, so if Damien Darhk does have ties to HIVE, we should be in for a treat.

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